family coaster

  1. Matt N

    Is the B&M family coaster starting to take off?

    Hi guys. For years, B&M completely avoided family coasters, which are possibly one of the most competitive sectors of the roller coaster market. For the first 20-25 years or so of B&M’s history, they completely steered clear of entering this sector, with no interest shown from the company...
  2. mattorres

    What's the price of a Family Boomerang by Vekoma? How much does it cost?

    Guys, I've been asking myself how much does a family Boomerang cost and I can't find anything. I saw somewhere a normal Boomerang cost around 5 million dollars. Does anyone have an idea about family Boomerang?
  3. GotsFancyPants

    Change My Mind | Intensity = Better

    IMO intense rides are more unique experiences (i305, Kumba, any RMC) than restrained rides that aim to be more comfortable (most B&Ms, Cheetah Hunt). I understand family coasters are important to a parks lineup but they won’t be in my top 10. However, recently I’ve been reading a lot of...