1. Rob Coasters

    4 days in Belgium - Day 4: No pigeons here

    Day 1: Travel Well my new biggest solo trip has been slightly overdue for a while, with the last one being that 2.5 day Denmark trip. I needed to go bigger, and I picked Spain. This originally was meant to be a 5 day trip that involved both Madrid parks & Barcelona parks, but something about it...
  2. Benenen

    Benenen's Halloween Horror Bonanza 2021 - Part 3: Walibi Belgium Halloween

    Hello everyone and welcome to my delayed trip report where I discuss the road trip I took round Europe at the start of November. I don't think I have the commitment to write about all 18 days so this report will focus entirely on the Halloween events and horror mazes I discovered. There will be...
  3. Serena

    Untame My Heart | WALIBI HOLLAND and BOBBEJAANLAND | 7th-8th Sep 2019

    Only a few months until we can ride all that new RMC goodness (and the fastest triple launch Gerstlauer, lest we forget!) Saturday 8th September - Walibi Holland Sunday 9th September - Bobbejaanland So let's get planning! Who is coming? If we get some decent confirmed numbers we may be able...
  4. JoshC.

    Bobbejaanland | Fury | Gerstlauer Triple Launch Coaster

    Bobbejaanland have, out of pretty much nowhere, announced they will open a triple launched coaster in a new themed world in 2019. Not clear what type of triple launch coaster it is (Pulsar/Star Trek/Cheetah Hunt/Goldrush all possible I assume), but one to keep an eye on... Looopings however...