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    CF Music Swap

    My favourite band is Dream Theater (longest track 24:00) - no apology for long songs needed ;)
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    Arrrgh, My Ears!! (Aka "Music you hate")

    I fell out with Todd in the Shadows (youtube music vlogger) yesterday because he was rude about Christina Perri. No.
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    CF Music Swap

    Apologies for the mess – this was a surprising amount of effort, so sod formatting the post!!! Gavin on Will: (The first video I sent Gavin is obviously blocked in his location. Fail. It was 100 Words by Shadow Bones, if anyone cares!!) Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Unfinished Business A...
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    Best Team Member 2021 - VOTING OPEN!

    Ah, suddenly the random messages on Discord make sense :)
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    Hull are not very good.

    Hull are not very good.
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    Best Team Member 2021 - VOTING OPEN!

    Am I the only person who went 'Who the HELL Is Scottingtovnville?' Have I been living under a rock, or are they an 'unsung hero'? :)
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    Sexiest famous women!

    I got some junk mail from Scottish Widows yesterday, which wasn't all bad news. I was having a weird conversation with Jordan recently about the best an actor has ever looked in a particular film role and she quipped that this was 'like a bot had designed a woman for me' I don't give a monkeys...
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    CF Music Swap

    Sorry everyone - I've not forgotten about this, I'll post the results tomorrow :)
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    I call the big one bitey.
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    Phantasialand in Jan costs less than Blackpool in Feb. That's not right.

    Phantasialand in Jan costs less than Blackpool in Feb. That's not right.
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    What's The Song You're Listening To Right Now?

    I remember reading a review 14 ****ing years ago when this first came out. 'This is the band's attempt at a Nothing Else Matters-esque heartstring tugger. Unfortunately, the result is cheesier than Rhapsody of Fire on a pizza'
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    Coasters you like more than most

    There are a fair few family coasters that I'd rate above a lot of 'thrill' or 'extreme' coasters I've done. These include Wild Train, Mine Train Ulven, Pegasus and most Soquet mine trains. Oh - and 'everyone is wrong' - Tornado at M&Ds and Tornado at Bakken are/were both accidental masterpieces.
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    Isolation Jackbox

    This has officially been the most successful yet. @nadroJ - tagging you again, sort yourself a Discord login for next time :)
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    Isolation Jackbox

    OK, think I've sorted the vaccine pass issue that I suddenly remembered was a thing. Cheers for the heads-up, @nadroJ - I owe you one!! We're going Live in 10 mins or so
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    Isolation Jackbox

    Sorry folks, dealing with a minor crisis... I'll be on line when I've finished dealing with it.