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    Gardaland & MovieLand in 1 day?

    I would recommend doing each park on a separate day. Movieland you can probably get away with a half-day visit but Gardaland is easily a day park. Not only you've got the coasters, there's also the water and dark rides which are worth doing.
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    What is this ride?

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It's a Vekoma Swinging Coaster
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    Bearing in mind, I am only up to 45 credits, here's my top 15 (like Matt I have done new coasters in bold and moved coasters in italics): 1 Shambhala PortAventura Park Spain B&M Hyper Steel 2 Wicker Man Alton Towers UK GCI Wood Wood 3 Stealth Thorpe Park UK Intamin Accelerator Steel 4...
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    Least favorite coaster you have ridden?

    Blue tornado at gardaland
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    Looking back at the 2010s

    I think the biggest changes to the theme park industry as a whole is an increased focus on intellectual property and making more immersive, interactive experiences where you have a part to play. Coaster wise it's become more about crazy coaster with lapbars, with both RMC and Vekoma seeing major...
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    Rank the Star Wars Movies (so far).

    Coming from someone who has only watched Star Wars films from 2015 onwards so I don't have the same level of nostalgia for the original triology. 1. Rise of Skywalker 2. The Force Awakens 3. The Last Jedi 4. Rogue One 5. Solo 6. A New Hope 7. Empire Strikes Back (seriously don't get any of the...
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    Rank the B&M's you've ridden

    Shambhala Oblivion: the Black Hole Oblivion Nemesis Inferno THE SWARM Nemesis Raptor Galactica Dragon Khan
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    What's Your Favourite Madhouse?

    1. Hex (Alton Towers) 2. Haunted House Monster Party (Legoland Windsor) 3. Alpen Hotel (Winter Wonderland) 4. Magic House (Gardaland)
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    Rank your Ridden Mine Trains

    Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris) Mammut (Gardaland) El Diablo (PortAventura)
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    Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters

    1. Stealth 2. Furius Baco 3. Red Force 4. Rita
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    What instruments do you play?

    This summer I passed my grade 8 exam for saxophone
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    25 - Shambhala I'm up to 46 so my next milestone is 50.
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    Does age increase propensity to grey outs?

    I'm fairly young for CF (under 20) and I started to grey out on Shaman at Gardaland on the 2nd loop. I was kind of suprised that this began to happen
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    My top 15 (Only done 40 credits) 1. Shambhala - PortAventura 2. Wicker Man - Alton Towers 3. Stealth - Thorpe Park 4. Th13teen - Alton Towers 5. Saw: the Ride - Thorpe Park 6. Furius Baco - PortAventura 7. Oblivion - Alton Towers 8. Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park 9. THE SWARM - Thorpe Park 10...
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    Quietest you've ever seen a theme park?

    Thorpe Park Love Island Lates. The only ride with a queue was colossus which was still only 20 mins but this was earlier on in the event. By 7:00, the park was absolutely dead. I was able to stay on inferno for 2 consecutive goes in front and back row without queuing at all. I did 4 rides on...