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    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster in each country/US state you've visited

    Well, time for a quick summary then... Australia (12) First: Buzzsaw, Dreamworld Favourite: Wild Mouse, Luna Park Least Favourite: Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld Austria (18) First: Dizzy Mouse, Wiener Prater Favourite: Rattenmühle, Familypark Least Favourite: Volare, Wiener Prater Belgium...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Their website lists both the coaster and the Blue Fall drop tower as being down for 'equipment inspection'. Google translate makes it sound like a temporary thing and the rides are still listed on there, so hopefully it'll all reopen before too long.
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    New Luna Park | Skopje, Macedonia | Theme Park

    Well, if this comes to life, it could become the biggest amusement park (or at least compete with Fun Park Biograd) in the former Yugoslavia. That's quite a lot of coasters in there now.
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    Carnival Cruise Line to add first roller coaster at sea

    They can't make these things work on dry land after more than 3 years since they built their first park ride, how do they expect to have it running in the middle of the sea?
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    The Italian Coaster Scene - Part 8: Movielandia

    I remember @roomraider posting something about Palestinian coasters quite a long while ago (not on here, I believe it was either on Facebook or TPR), but that weird circular loop has always stuck with me somehow. It wasn't hard finding it once I knew the country. 😅
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    The Italian Coaster Scene - Part 8: Movielandia

    I believe it's this one; I'm genuinely not surprised by the fact no Western enthusiast has been there before, hah.
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    The Italian Coaster Scene - Part 8: Movielandia

    Sad to hear that your visit to Mirabilandia wasn't the best... I've always enjoyed the place (and its two stand-out coasters) as a kid, but it's been a good 7 years since my last visit, so I wouldn't be surprised that the stuff has gone downhill since. It's also a bit odd to hear that you found...
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    What is the wettest water ride you've ever been on?

    Another vote for River Quest here. I don't think I'm ever going to re-ride that thing as it either has a massive queue (which is honestly not that worth it, considering what else there is in the park) or is too cold for a proper soaking (as was the case the time I did actually ride it). Also...
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    The Italian Coaster Scene - Part 8: Movielandia

    Loving these so far. I remember both of the Roman parks being quite high on my hit list when they first opened, but now I almost forgot they ever existed. I've been to Rome with school (and didn't particularly like it) and it's about as much of a drive as Krakow from me, so why bother to go...
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    Your Defunct Roller Coaster List

    Defunct: Grisu, Karl-Heinz Kropf (Austrian fairs) (ridden in 2014, possibly at its last fair appearance) Tokio Express, Johann Deville (Belgian fairs) (ridden in 2016, defunct in 2018) Geyser, Gulliverlandia (ridden in 2018, defunct in 2018) X-Speed, Movieland Park (ridden in 2004, defunct in...
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    Top 10(ish): 2019 Edition - page 80

    Says the one with Silver Star in their top 5...
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    USAirtime - Day 5: Knoebels 🌽

    What a lovely report! I really hope Knoebels doesn't lose its charm by the time I get around to visiting. Sounds like a really great place!
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    CF Pokemon Go

    My dad needs some friends for the quests too! 😄 6723 3980 0451!
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    What is your favourite drop tower?

    I think my favorite one so far is the Larson built Hair Raiser in Luna Park Sydney. A great location and a super forceful drop, even if it isn't one of the tallest ones out there. On a similar note, the tallest one I've done, Giant Drop in Dreamworld was a bit of a disappointment, being a rather...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Probably doesn't, since @oriolat2 is Catalan. 😅