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    Best and Worst restraint?

    Oh yes, the restraints that were designed for midgets. But oddly enough, despite being way too tall for them, I think they make the ride more enjoyable than if I did fit and the shoulder restraints came up to my head. I may have to slouch on arrow loopers, but I'm also spared from headbanging...
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    Best and Worst restraint?

    Best: lapbars Worst: OTSRS
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    Dragon Mountain - is it really 186 feet tall?

    This thing goes so slow at times that it might as well be going up another lifthill
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    *looks up other flight deck* Cmon, I'm not that insane.;)
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    I've got a pretty meager credit count, but here goes. 1) Twisted Colossus: Just a ridiculously fun ride. Not much more to say, it just has everything I love in a coaster (except for terrain interaction, but oh well.) 2) Tatsu: This is the only flying coaster I've been on, but looking at the...
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    Have any 2018 plans?

    Can't believe I missed that. Can an admin delete or lock this thread please?
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    How successful has your 2017 been?

    New credits - 16 New Parks - 2 (BGT, SFMM) Number of days spent gooning - 4 (2 abroad, 2 at home) Best new credit - Twisted Collosus Surprising credit: Viper and Apocalypse. The former was decent when I expected it to be incapacitating, while the latter managed to shockingly rank as my 4th...
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    Have any 2018 plans?

    I'm sure we all plan to visit our local parks a few times, but I'm guessing most of you are planning some trips out of town or out of state to some new parks. To start off, I'll be heading down to SoCal to visit Magic Mountain, which I've been to once before, and Knott's Berry Farm, which I've...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

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    World's Most Boring Coaster?

    Grizzly at CGA. It's not painful, just lame as all hell.
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    Triple Threat - NL2 Comp - ***Cancelled***

    Won't be able to enter this one, but if there's another comp I can make something for it.
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    NL2 Competitions - 2016 summary and 2017 plans

    Had to sell my desktop and not sure if my laptop can run NL, but if it can then I'm in
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    NL2 Competitions - 2016 summary and 2017 plans

    I'd love to see a Planet Coaster competition. After playing around with the coaster editor, I've found that making realistic coasters is more than possible. Just check out this RMC by youtuber Silvarret: We could place a greater emphasis on theming thanks to Planet Coaster being a theme park...
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    Mack the RMC - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 2

    Re: Mack the RMC - NL2 Comp I'll try my best to enter something.
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    Knock it Off! - NL2 Comp - ***Cancelled***

    Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest ***Cancelled*** Nooooo! :( When I saw the description for this contest I got so excited. Well, I hope when you resume the contests this one will still be on deck.