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    Would Austin or Houston make a great city for a theme park one day?

    I’m sure there was a hint of sarcasm there Matt 😉
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    WTF Merlin?

    Loving that themed fencing
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    Six Flags Great America | Maxx Force | S&S Air Launch

    Also wind drag from the wide trains will have an affect.
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    Paultons Park Tornado Springs New Area for 2020

    I’m with you there @Dar the pic people are assuming is face down looks like legs out stretched. Good addition I think.
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    Is something happening to Angry Birds 4D At Thorpe Park?,

    Bring back a cohesive Amity!
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    Is something happening to Angry Birds 4D At Thorpe Park?,

    Yeah right guys, they are just measuring up for the hoarding they need to shutter up more attractions.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    This just keeps getting better. I do wish they could all hear themselves from on onlookers point of view. It’s just getting desperate
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    Tayto Park News/Discussion

    ATI was still in nappies then @Lofty Retrospective planning is very common across all kind building works. The only time it causes issues is, if the person building can not back up any benefits the complaints accuse the project of not having. In the theme park world as @Lofty stated happens...
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    Toverland - Booster bike re-theme circa 2015

    Nope just that a 15 year old vekoma are not always the smoothest or best.
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    Toverland - Booster bike re-theme circa 2015

    15 year old Vekoma nuff said
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Maybe because they are his photos mate. You do come out with some crap sometimes. I’d be pretty pissed if I took photos and someone else posted them before I could. Different matter if the photos are from someone not on this site. You need to get over yourself sometimes ATI. You do actually...
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    Walibi Belgium ready for its transformation!

    It’s so much better than the drab grey of Wild Asia at Chessington.
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    Do you get fast passes?

    I refuse to buy fast pass in the ****e Merlin Parks, too many sold and set up in such an elitist way that if you have the money you have free licence to queue jump. I have only got fast pass once in Universal Orlando years ago, it was ok but I missed a lot of build up to the rides.
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    Rides that would be better without an element?

    The roll on Cheater Hunt, pointless inversion that adds nothing to the ride. It just seems so out of place and has resulted in the ride to have otsrs.
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    Thorpe Park: What could the future hold?

    It just feels to me that Merlin is stagnating across all their parks. ****e like this from Thorpe is just awful. Why not invest on sprucing the place up instead of adding small seafront arcade crap in the park. It’s not like any of the rides and areas are need a fresh paint job or anything...