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    Familypark Neusiedlersee 2022 Attraction

    Love the wild use of terrain - how the base of the drop is actually lower than the splashdown which sits that little bit further up the hill. Similarly the turntable/pivot at the start of the backwards section is also at ground level but then drops backwards down the hill. Potentially this could...
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    Gyeongju World | Valkyrie | Gerstlauer Family Boomerang | 2021

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen trains put on the track before trackwork is complete. Is this normal for Gersts?
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    Cruise Lines to add Bolt & Space Cruiser roller coasters (update page 3)

    Not to mention the hot oil landing in your face! Given the onboard motor and the cog/teeth all along the track, I imagine there’s more of a risk of oil/lube dripping down than normal? 120mph waves suggested in that video!!! I’m hoping the 0 on the end is a typo as that is a full order of...
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    Woman injured after metal object strikes her from Top Thrill Dragster train.

    Yikes, agree this approach makes it look like they’re hiding something, even if that’s not the case. On a related note, I find the concept of a ‘private police force’ completely mad. Private security sure, but a private organisation that can make arrests, hand out fines, put people in custody...
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    Spain & theme parks; what’s the problem?

    I don’t think I really buy that the primary reason for Spanish parks not doing well is the distance for tourists to travel to get to them. Spain easily has a big enough population to support the domestic theme park industry on its own. Port Aventura, Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones are...
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    Kennywood Announces New Fright Nights!

    Well I massively over-predicted! Blaming @Pear for pointing me down the changes to Phantom’s Revenge path 😅 It’s indeed their new halloween event: A bit more info on the above website.
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    Kennywood Announces New Fright Nights!

    Surely they wouldn’t change the track layout? It’s fantastic as it is. I presume something cheaper than that anyway - new trains, or one car backwards?
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    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    Fantastic news, I hope Merlin take heed and start making similar decisions. Good throughput and the ability to get on many rides without too much waiting makes such a positive difference to a day - I’m far more likely to return if I know I can enjoy the park and not have to spend hours in queues...
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    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    Even two decades after I first rode it I’ve got to give this to The Ultimate. After you’ve been physically and psychologically battered by the high speed, barely-banked turns of the insane forest run after the second lift hill, you start to gently coast as you come out of the forest along the...
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    New coaster coming to PortAventura?

    Wow. I know that this is a fan idea, but it’s brilliantly done and actually a great layout that would slot in perfectly. It would be one hell of an area of a park anywhere - Dragon Khan is really getting quite rough these days but still a strong coaster, and Shambhala is obviously one of the...
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    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    Forgot how unbelievably good this looks. Wishing against the odds that Europa’s new coaster is in this ridiculous league.
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    Well summed up I think! Good for Chessington to get such a headline ride even if it is short and will probably struggle for capacity. Interesting what this means long-term for B&M - will they start offering a lot more small-scale coasters at a reduced price to parks? Also great spot by @JoshC...
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    La Mer de Sable (France) to build a Mine Train for 2020

    Was going to say - it had gone faster than I could report it!!
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    Paultons Park | Farmyard Flyer | Custom Zierer Force | 2022

    I completely agree, really nice & vibrant colour! I also think the aerial shot shows how well-constructed the area is - something of interest at every point, e.g. ride, theming, playground, shop - all space is used really well.
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    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    I know that this is subjective (and maybe also influenced by body shape etc?), but I didn’t feel Valravn’s restraints impeded the ride experience in any way. There was still airtime and a good range of forces - I felt all the talk about the vests killing the ride were all massively exaggerated...