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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    Millennia, even. I looked it up once, and apparently it originated in the Nordic countries as a means to appease the spirits of trees that were chopped down for wood to the structure. But such spiritism predates even the Norse religions, so it has to have originated somewhere in the early Dark...
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    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    I have this rule of thumb that I never give money to people who don't know the basic rules of capitalization. If they don't have the brains to learn even the basics of proper use of the Shift key (which is mostly the same in all Western languages), they probably aren't the brightest when it...
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion

    Teething issues. It's still opening day. Let's wait and see where the bathtub curve bottoms out before we draw any conclusions.
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion

    That mask means the animatronic doesn't need any facial features whatsoever. It probably would have been twice as expensive, half as reliable, and falling way into the uncanny valley if they tried to model a face with moving parts.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Interesting to see! My expectations for this went from non-existing to ... hmm, let me check ... Still non-existing. But hey, at least they gave work to some concept artist.
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    Is it a cred? - A general discussion topic

    My preferred solution when it comes to clones and relocations and such: Keep two counts. Any obviously individual coasters go in the "definitely" count, clones and such go in the "maybe" count. My coaster count would then be expressed as a range.
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    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    "One of the largest amusement park in the Balkan region". From what I've heard, it shouldn't take much to achieve that title. There's a single little powered coaster in Albania, an alpine coaster in Bosnia, a park in Bulgaria has a Zamperla powered Dragon and a fifth-hand Pinfari Zyklon, a park...
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    [RCT3] Porcelain Hills

    Moved to the RCT3 forum.
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    Thorpe Park: What could the future hold?

    The interesting question to me is whether the addition of a new coaster will coincide with the removal of an old one. Given stable visitor numbers, any park will eventually come to a point where it doesn't make sense to increase the number of coasters in operation. In other words, a park can't...
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    SW9 at Alton Towers

    Let me take a wild guess at the ride's story: "There is a dark and abandoned/haunted _____ where the evil _____ are doing _____ on unsuspecting people. You have now been chosen to be _____.Go in among the dark, dilapidated ruins, brave the _____ and find your way back into the light ... or get...
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    New Intamin RMC Raptor-Style Coaster

    Of course, it's fun to see innovation happening. But with that history, whenever they present a new prototype, one can't help but wonder "will this go anywhere, or will the concept strand after a couple parks have bought it?" That being said, several really good ideas come out of Intamin's...
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    New Intamin RMC Raptor-Style Coaster

    I'd have been more hyped if it wasn't for Intamin's impressive track record of coming up with novel coaster ideas they sell to a handful of parks in a few short years, before massive flaws become apparent and the model is never seen again. Such as: Reverse Freefall coasters (two built in 1997...
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    IAAPA 2019

    So... nothing really big this year, as far as I can tell. Apart from all the train designs (which are nice, I guess, but don't really get the blood pumping), the biggest news for us enthusiasts seem to have been the new S&S concept, GCI's new track type, and the name reveal for Emperor. Then...
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    I just had a shower thought... remember the strangely pervasive "Giga Dive" rumour that was thrown around before this coaster was announced? If this same layout was featured on a Dive Machine, with a few modifications accordingly, it would have been seen as one heck of a coaster. Since @Hyde...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    With all the height restrictions the park is placed under, it wouldn't surprise me if there would be a lot of paperwork involved if they wanted to change the external facade of the park in any way. In some places, area regulations are very strict regarding changes to the visual expression of...