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    IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)

    Don't forget the bees! Bees decided that one of the launch tracks was to be their home and for weeks they had to keep closing it for days to safely remove them from the area. That was a fun drama to watch for a while. Also this... That is an insane amount of trains going round at the same...
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    Walt Disney Studios changes and expansion

    It's staying around for a little while. Rumours it'll get a slight Marvel overlay when the area re-opens. Some concept art seems to be hinting it'll be replaced with a new Marvel E-ticket ride (the one announced for Cali). If that does happen it'll be a long way off.
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion

    I'm so torn. I don't want to spoil the ride for myself but it's going to be a few years probably before I get to ride it. I've also read lots of spoilery speculation over the past year or so. Glad to hear it seems to be as impressive as Disney has been hyping it up to be. My Twitter feed is...
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    Walt Disney Studios changes and expansion

    Couldn't see this mentioned on the last few pages. Official closing date of the tram tour as it currently stands is 6th Jan. The new "Cars" edition will open in the "Summer" of next year. New changes will be a different station, no more London set and a few more Cars inspired scenes. Looks like...
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    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    That Vekoma looks good, will be interesting to know how legit this project is.
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    "Now Showing"

    Also saw Knives Out this weekend. I've been really looking forward to this as I love a good murder mystery and this really lived up to my expectations! The cast were great. The pacing of the film was much slower than I was expecting but it works really well and allows you to really get to know...
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    Fantawild Park 2 | Ningbo China | Theme Park

    Looks fun. It is weird they've gone for such small trains though.
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    Coaster Red Force | PORTAVENTURA and FERRARI LAND | 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2019

    Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the Winter Sun :)
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    2021 Vulcania Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    Had a feeling this park was getting a coaster soon what with Futuroscope finally getting one. Looks like an interesting place and this looks like a great addition.
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    "Now Showing"

    Saw a few films last week. First was Le Mans '66 (aka Ford vs Ferrari). Really loved this, the race sequences are incredible, from the way it was shot, edited and the vfx - just great stuff all round. I really enjoyed the drama throughout too, the cast were great and the story never gets dull...
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    A Trip to the Theatre

    Had a theatre weekend! First up was The Man in the white suit. Didn't know much about this going in apart from who was starring in it and that it was based off an old Ealing comedy (usually a good sign). We had seats in the front row which felt slightly awkward, having to move your head around...
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    "Now Showing"

    Another big batch of films from Sunday and last night. First up was The Aeronauts. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I learnt beforehand that the real story was actually a couple of men over several trips so I found the whole "lets put in a female lead for potential romantic...
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    Knotts Berry Farm Announced Knotts Beary Tales Returning 2020

    So I saw last night on Twitter that it was confirmed this is a retheme of the current interactive dark ride, Iron Reef*. I thought that was ok for what it was but I'm aware it wasn't too popular with local fans so this seems like a sensible decision. *Apologies if this is mentioned in the...
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    Universal Studios Beijing | 2020

    This Jurrasic Park coaster is probably my most anticipated ride in the new park, very excited. Some images of the concept and model leaked the other day...
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    "Now Showing"

    Doctor Sleep - This film is quite long but I really enjoyed it. It has plenty of interesting characters and I liked how grown-up Danny deals with what happens in the Shining. I thought the cinematography was beautiful, some really cool sequences. They do really play on the nostalgia chords with...