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    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2020

    SFDK is teasing their 2020 addition
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    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    So is the stall that was referenced earlier referring to the spike? I'd love to see an actual stall on this layout especially with the spinning car.
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    Vietnam | Vinpearl Thu Thiem | Theme Park

    That went up fast! Hopefully we can get some video of it running soon.
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    Daxing East | Anshun China | Theme Park

    Love those totally real screams! Definitely not from RCT at all!
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    Six Flags New England 2020

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    Six Flags Great Adventure to receive coaster in 2020?

    I have a possible theory. With the clues being riddles the ride could have a Riddler theme. The actor who played the Riddler on the show Gotham is named Cory Michael Smith and all 5 letters so far fit into that name.
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    Last Cred Review

    Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster Incredible ride that is just nonstop intense. It's a bit slower and rougher than Railblazer and therefore has weaker airtime, but the ride is still incredible and one of the better RMC's I've ridden. It was actually really well themed for SF standards as well...
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    Six Flags New England 2020

    Well based on this planning document some ride will be leaving the park to be relocated elsewhere: I don't have a picture atm but the sign has been changed to say 082919 which means the early announcement was a mistake and...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    The park has also said 63m on their socials. There is quite a difference in claimed heights it seems, however 207-209ft seems like a good estimate for Gwa2i.
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    Luna Park (NYC) 2020 Expansion

    Luna Park will be expanding in 2020 with a log flume, ropes course, and a new family coaster. They are going to run a naming contest for the 3 rides.
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    Dreamworld Australia | Unknown | Modified Blue Fire Clone

    The park has officially announced the coaster and slides!