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    Rides that you would like more if they had different restraints

    Odyssey at Fantasy Island. Get rid of the stupid, high OTSRs that lead to endless headbashing, and fit the lap bar and vest combination restraints to instantly improve rider comfort by an order of magnitude. It's clearly not going to happen, though, given that the train was refurbished a couple...
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    Does virtual reality have a place within theme parks?

    I suppose there might be some very limited case where VR could be combined with an appropriate ride to create a ride experience that's really good, but nobody has done that so far, and I can't see anyone investing the time or money to make VR really work on that immersive level. It would require...
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    The Smiler vs Colossus; which of the UK’s inversion record breakers do you prefer?

    Give me Colossus any day. As far as I'm concerned, it's superior in every way. I prefer the atmosphere, the setting, the soundtrack, and the ride experience. It's not the most comfortable ride, but I always have fun riding it, and if you catch it one one of those rare days where it's really...
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    Baron does a better job of being about the drop than Oblivion

    I think a lot of people overlook this as something uniquely effective, and unique to Oblivion. None of the other dive machines have this, not even G5, and it makes a difference. There's something about the slow, methodical, relentless creep towards the top of the drop on Oblivion that's missing...
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    Coastal Cred Run o’ Shame – Southport to North Wales

    For those of you following along at home, I promised photos:
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    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    Done. Creepy Caves tickets are booked. We can settle the bill on the day.
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    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    I'm probably game for booking the creepy caves at Chessington, but because they run with group sizes of 2-6, the stupid online booking system will only let you book tickets for 2 or more people at once. If somebody wants to double up on a two person ticket, just let me know. I'm quite happy to...
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    Coastal Cred Run o’ Shame – Southport to North Wales

    Well, that was another fab weekend away. Mat has covered the parks and highlights really well, to the point where I don't have much more to add. Suffice to say it's been a weekend with the usual sorts of highlights; Loads of awesome people, a bunch of crappy parks, a few extra creds, a whole...
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    From their point of view, there's no balls-up. It's got the iconic look, and it's got its marketable gimmick, and that's all they seem to be interested in. Ride experience and practicality just aren't big considerations for them. Hell, it's the first new coaster at Chessington for 18 years, and...
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    Oh, FFS, here we go again. Another year, another Merlin gimmick. Just cut the crap, and build something vaguely worthwhile for once. Sure, I'll probably visit with some CFers at some point for a good day out and a +1, but announcements like this just annoy the hell out of me, and make me itch...
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    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    The first official CF Live in almost two years? I'll be making the trip down for Thorpe and Chessington. Now, I just need to sort out some annual leave for the Monday, so that I can at least get some sleep on the Sunday night.
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    Does GPS/Satnav sometimes think you’re a park employee?

    I find the secret is usually to check the park's web site ahead of time. Often, the published address of the park is wherever the offices are, which doesn't always match where the general public should enter. Often, if this is the case, they'll post an actual SatNav address or postcode on the...
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    Skegness et al.: Sunburn, sweat and shame!

    Whenever a trip consists of a major park day, an overnight stay, and some miscellaneous mop-up afterwards, it’s difficult to know exactly how things are going to pan out on day two. Is everyone just going to want to cred run and move on, or are people going to be looking to check out a load of...
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    Coasters that have gotten better with age?

    It can do. If the track work was good to begin with, it's not going to affect the speed much, if at all, but if the trackwork was a bit dodgy, resulting in high friction and excessive drag on the train, then fixing the track can prevent the train from being slowed down as much.
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    Skegness et al.: Sunburn, sweat and shame!

    “Go to Skegness”, we all thought. “Get some new creds”, we all thought. “It’ll be burdenous”, we all thought. We were mostly wrong on that last one. Mostly. Sue was there, after all :p (We all love you really, Sue!) We were converging on Ingoldmells from a variety of directions, with many of...