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    Are B&M stagnating?

    I mean, if it ain't broke? I kinda object to innovative wackiness for the sake of it. Like sure, innovation brings with it some wild progress... And of course I'm not absolutist on that point - we need innovation and innovations to fail for the progression towards good stuff that sticks. But...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I hope I don't need to explain to anyone how monumentally dumb and a non-solution this is.
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    To be honest, it feels like only the parks who can afford to close and get the PR benefit of "doing the right thing" and the parks who can't afford to open during extremely low turnouts will close or delay opening. Unless of course Governments force them to close. It is rather telling that...
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    Coasters that you want to like, but don't

    Boulder Dash was really underwhelming for me, despite expecting it to be my cup of tea from the things people said about it. I'm willing to accept that it was running especially poor for me, but it doesn't help that park and going to that area of the country FOR coasters feels mighty...
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    Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper

    Same except I'm happy it gives me a reason not to visit this year. Just gonna drive past Pittsburg and grumble.
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    Swarming Up For The Season | THORPE PARK | 31st Mar 2019

    9:30 with Scarlet driving is not going to happen. But that's ok, that's alright, we'll catch up. Absolutely do not wait for anyone.
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021

    300ft top hat or neat that? Christ! If that turns out to be true. This looks fun! My only criticism of the ride would be that this is yet another "dead end" ride/land. I feel like Tempesto and this are only in that dead end where Apollo is to try and unnaturally increase traffic into that land...
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    Nagashima Spa Land | Hakugei | RMC I-Box Conversion of White Cyclone

    Ha! Always used to be the opposite. It'll be the worst, but 3 of the 4 people who ride it from the West will think it's awesome just because they know it's e x c l u s i v e. And then Gavin will tell us it actually sucks. :p Feels like these days more of the community makes an effort to travel...
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    How to fight fear of heights

    In a few years you'll look back and wish you were still somewhat scared. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    What impressed you the most in the past year?

    Could be a new park you went to, a new cred you acquired, a piece of news, some cool theming that was built, a new flower bed at Busch Williamsburg. What has impressed you the most in the past 12 or so months? For me it was Flight of Passage, which I was expecting to not be a fan of. Pandora...
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    High resolution photos for project

    Ha, does anyone understand, honestly? I’m not convinced. Dpi is typically only relevant for print, yes, but it is good practise to create images at 300dpi. Any higher than 300 is kinda pointless. Only really, really state of the art printers can print at 350 or more. It is, indeed, pretty...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Ha, interesting. Hope they actually invest this time. I bypassed it when I was in the area because the weather forecast was so bad I worried nothing would be open. Give me a reason to go, Six Flags!
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    WTF Merlin?

    There's 2 major things to consider... Culture Company size So, culturally the US just opens things really late. I've rocked up to KD at 8pm a few times on what should be peak summer evenings and there is no one there, despite the place reportedly being packed in the day from staff. People do...
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    POVs that do not do justice to the ride - at all

    I mean honestly, that's probably the most accurately conveyed part of the ride on film. It doesn't make any sense.
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    WTF Merlin?

    Have you ever tried to plan a US park trip and you're forced to do it during peak season when it's hot as balls and the parks are busy cuz otherwise they just ain't open? Like, I really wanna do a September trip. But I can't. Because nothing is open mid week. I dunno, man. I dunno. We had it...