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    Which park has the most well-rounded overall ride selection in terms of quality?

    Phantasialand. Every ride type they have is well presented and, most important of all, good fun.
  2. Ian

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    The article says: "It will eventually be a two-park resort – the first ‘gate’ will open in 2024 and the second within five years (2029)" 2024 will be 12 years since the park was first announced. The optimist in me thinks and hopes that it's still plausible. I'd love to know where the money is...
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    Favorite Defunct Roller Coaster

    It's nearly seven years since my original reply to this topic... ...and since then I have managed to have one more go on Scenic Railway at Margate. The slowness and claustrophobic seating made me wish I didn't. Would've rather had my misty-eyed memories. I'm not saying it's terrible, it's just...
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    IAAPA 2019

    Cred! CF will be there to report all the big news and reveals. Our social media feeds will be the first place we post, so make sure you’re following. Always appreciate the support with liking and sharing! Train reveals aside (as they’re always fab), I’m quite looking forward to the...
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    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be closed in 2020?

    Wouldn't surprise me. Must cost them a fortune and there has been an increase in evac reports. Are people on Trip Advisor really advising people to stay off a water ride because it’s too wet? That has to be the most snowflakey thing I’ve ever read.
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    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area 2020

    Some images from today:
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    Does age increase propensity to grey outs?

    It's natural that your body will deteriorate with age, some quicker than others. Horrible thought. However, it'll be so gradual you probably won't notice until you attempt to do something one day and realise that it's not as easy as previous times. It was in my early 30's that I first noticed a...
  8. Ian

    Oakwood Theme Park 26th May 2019

    I’m loving the marmitey options in this report. Personally I love Oakwood. It may be a long, burdenous adventure to get there (even if you live next to the park), but it does have, as Matt N said several times, a certain charm to it. It’s got all the right rides, it’s got history, elements of...
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    Beasts in the East | Trip Reports

    Thinking about it, we should’ve done GY as a day - two fab little parks, a seafront, crazy golf, chips in a cone. Must remember that for 2025, or whenever we next return.
  10. Ian

    New Chessington Long Term Development Plan

    I do like a good retro topic bump. 2016 this was produced. Have they surfaced the south car park yet? When I used it in October last year (admittedly I haven’t visited this year), it was full of cavernous potholes.
  11. Ian

    Beasts in the East | FANTASY ISLAND and PLEASUREWOOD HILLS | 8th-9th Jun

    I’m in Yarmouth. Going to wander about, play some Pokemon and get some chips. Drop me a text if you fancy a pint
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    The Forums Upgrade: Do you prefer the New CoasterFORCE or Old CoasterFORCE?

    Anything that utilises the heart eyes emoji is good
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    Beasts in the East | FANTASY ISLAND and PLEASUREWOOD HILLS | 8th-9th Jun

    Hope Skeggy is fun - I’ll see everybody either tonight in GY or tomorrow at PWH!
  14. Ian

    Beasts in the East | FANTASY ISLAND and PLEASUREWOOD HILLS | 8th-9th Jun

    Booked myself into a cheap B&B about 1.5m from the town centre. I should be arriving about 6-7pm on Saturday. PLEASUREWOOD HILLS MEET UP Please(ure) Wood you meet inside the park at the benches across from the entrance, somewhere near where I’ve drawn a sinister looking Red Cross in the image...
  15. Ian

    Beasts in the East | FANTASY ISLAND and PLEASUREWOOD HILLS | 8th-9th Jun

    I’m looking at this now. Thinking Great Yarmouth might be, err, great? I’ll see what’s cheap on I’m only doing the Sunday though!