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    WTF Merlin?

    Such a shame, a mere 2 weeks ago I posted in the 'Yay Merlin' thread about how smoothly the place seemed to be running. Had an awesome day. I had kinda hoped that it signalled the start of a glorious new era for our favourite island... but deep down in my heart of hearts I just knew it had to...
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    CoasterForce’s Favourite Florida Rollercoasters

    Cor blimey - There's at least 20 major coasters in Florida, heck, just in Orlando alone, that I haven't ridden yet, so my list will probably look a bit weird to someone who's been more recently. But hey ho, nowt I can do about that, so here goes. 1. Revenge of the Mummy (FIRE!!! 😁) 2. Montu...
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    Do you prefer steel roller coasters or wooden roller coasters?

    With all the in-depth analysis listed above, my answer seems woefully inadequate in comparison: I think I like steel coasters best.
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    The TV we watch...

    Thursday night is now officially Bob Ross night in our house. Who the f*** is Bob Ross, I hear you cry? Well... he's this guy: Yes, this is my life now. When the highlight of the week is watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. But seriously... he's awesome. That hair, that voice. It's...
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    YAY Merlin!

    I'm not sure what exactly, but something has happened to Thorpe Park. I was there on Tuesday with @Rollercoaster David and @JoshC. Had a really great day, got tons of rides in. Ok, the park was actually really quiet so queues were small anyway... but it was more than that. Despite the low...
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    Last Cred Review

    Storm Chaser (The Paulton's one). It's excellent... as a family coaster. I mean, it's quite a short ride, and it doesn't seem to spin very much - on one lap me and Dr Dave spent literally the entire circuit facing backwards (probably the 'drag' factor from having 2 old fat blokes sitting...
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    What's The Song You're Listening To Right Now?

    Well... you did ask. Tell me you didn't sing along. 😁
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    Music Recommendations

    I'll just leave this here:
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    Craving an Average Park

    No. Bollocks to the "great reset", I refuse to be conditioned/coerced into lowering my expectations on what life should be. Kondaa, Velocicoaster, Pantheon... as soon as one of those bad boys becomes 'accessible' I'm off, before that monumental prick BloJo finds another excuse to lock us down again.
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    New (temporary, hired) flat rides for Alton Towers

    Extra flat rides. 80's throwbacks. Later opening hours. Lots of good news here. My only gripe is... why stop at 3 temporary rides? Why not 4, or 5, or even 6? It's not like fairground rides are exactly in high demand at the moment, I'm sure they could have found a couple more. Maybe even a...
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    Potential addition of rides / themepark to Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

    I swear some bigwig somewhere is scouring forum topics for old Howie posts in search of new business ideas - I said this years ago. In fact, I said it as soon as me and the wife turned up at the Studio Tour itself back in 2014 and clocked those big, empty, otherwise useless fields next to the...
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    Most impressive Coaster Designs

    Monster and The Smiler are two really good shouts. Two more examples that spring to mind, both of which are in Sweden funnily enough, are Helix and Wildfire. Like, I don't even know how they got heavy machinery and lifting equipment in those tight, hilly spaces to install the thing. Taking...
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    Do B&M hypers produce actual negative g-forces?

    B&M hyper trains are really long though, right? So no matter how accurate the parabolic curve of the airtime hill may be, there can only one specific part of the train that experiences the perfect 0g. I'm no engineer, but I would assume the calculation point would be somewhere near the middle of...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Hyper- Dermic Needle Mountain, anyone? Indiana Jones and the Syringe of Terror? Around the World in 80 Doses? Pirates of the AstraZeneca? There must be more...
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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    That... that is not a T Rex. 😕