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    The Smiler vs Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

    I'm gonna go for The Smiler. Saw's OK but, apart from the theme, which is cool, the ride experience is broadly similar to about half a dozen other Gerst Eurofighters that I've been on. The Smiler is at least totally unique and although I don't love it, I do have a certain degree of respect for...
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    Mako vs Silver Star

    Hurgh... when Matt N can answer a poll that you can't, you know you're slacking and need to up your game! 😉 But seriously, I do need to get my ass to Florida.
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    Energylandia 23/09/2022

    Great trip report, in particular these comments: This I applaud wildly. 👏 👏 This too. 👏👏 And this comment about Hyperion is also bang on the money. Top job. 👍
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    To be fair, Peet, he does have a point - a pull-through could indeed be classed as some sort of test! 😁
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    Portaventura Being Sold Back to Universal? Rumour!

    As far as unsubstantiated rumours go, this one is quite exciting to be fair. One of the reasons I first fell in love with this park was its Universal-ness. If nothing else, park operations were a lot slicker back then so it'd be nice to have some of that efficiency back.
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    Great Coaster Names That Haven't Been Used Yet.

    Ha ha, I did laugh when I saw the Steve comment while re-reading this thread, but didn't realise it was actually posted pre-SteVe. Remarkable foresight @MestnyiGeroi . I'd throw you a like, but I already liked your post at the time. 😁 @Matt N - some great suggestions there dude, especially the...
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Unknown | B&M Surf Coaster | 2023?

    Are you implying my jokes are preplanned and not the brilliant flow of spontaneity once thought? 😮 How very dare you!
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    Helix vs Ride to Happiness

    You've only got to take a peak at my signature to see how close this one is for me. 'Officially' ie - for the purposes of the annual CF poll - Helix sits as my overall #2 coaster and The Ride To Happiness sits at #3, but in reality there's absolutely nothing in it. If I could, I'd have Helix...
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    Late to the party – Belgium – August 2022

    Have to agree, Walibi Belgium has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years and has, I think, overtaken Walibi Holland as the superior park, even with Holland's amazing RMC creation. If Belgium get an RMC makeover of their woodie as well... oh man, that would be sweeeeet!
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    Energylandia TPR

    Good to have you back Gav, some great pictures in there. Top job!
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    Cleverest uses of illusions within theme parks?

    It's been a while since I've been on it, but I remember being particularly impressed with the 'disappearing room' effect on Poseidon's Fury at IoA. At least I think it was Poseidon's Fury... have I got that right? 🤔 One minute you're in a fairly small, confined room, the lights go out briefly...
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    Europa Park | Eatrenalin | Mack Rides Trackless Gastro-Experience | 2022

    I'd do it. Sure, €195 sounds a lot for a seaweed salad and a bit of truffle... but it's Europa Park, so it will be good.
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    Alton Towers' Next Big Thing?

    No matter what it is, for me the best thing about this will be having Coaster Corner opened up again and just being able to wander through going "Hey that's where The Mouse was", "Wowww that's where The Beast used to be" and "Mmm this is where I saw Kylie". 🥒 Yep, there's a historical nugget for...
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    Project Exodus at Thorpe Park; Current Layout (Mack) or Alternative Layout (Likely B&M)?

    I'm with Matt on this one. My only caveat would be that the B&M be one of the jumbo ones, like,  properly enormous - taller than Shambhala and longer than Silver Star with at least one unique-ish element to make the layout a wee bit more interesting. And no trims. Okay so that's 3 caveats, but...