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    Are Giga coasters worth it?

    The right giga, in the right park, at the right time... sure, totally worth it. However, putting B&M gigas in parks that already have B&M hypers, and bloody big B&M hypers at that, has always seemed a bit weird to me. An Intamin giga in a park that already has an Arrow hyper - now that makes...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Wow, that thing really motors. I think Hyperion could end up being the most rapidly overshadowed star-attraction ever!
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    That's the one mate. Mrs Howie not arsed about this trip, so if Mrs witchfinder is not arsed either, potential there to buddy up on accommodations? Earplugs optional, of course. ;)
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    Call me premature if you will, but I saw return flights from Brum to Barcelona for 45 quid... so I bagged one. Guess that means I'm confirmed for this then? Don't go changing the dates now will ya? Well... I say confirmed, it's with Ryanair so we'll call it semi-confirmed shall we? 😒
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    Thing is, I don't know about you, but when I hear Orion, I see... Can't wait for the B&M Cortina. :)
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    Quantity over Quality - NL, DE, BE August 2019

    ^You numpty, fancy breaking your phone! 😂 Great to hear all the Untamed love coming in, fantastic ride, that.
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    Walibi Holland - 14th August

    What Farley said^ :) So glad this trip worked out for you. Shame operations weren't brilliant but like you said - mission accomplished anyway! Walibi defo has one of the strongest coaster triple-whammy's in Europe now.
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    Rank the Kings Island coasters

    Ok ok, jeez... Ladies and gentlemen, due to popular demand, and when I say popular I mean Delly P, I hereby remove 'The Beast in daylight' from my KI rankings because, as Tom has so eloquently pointed out, I've not ridden The Beast in Daylight and therefore cannot pass judgment. The things I...
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    Rank the Kings Island coasters

    It didn't, stup', I just wanted to hammer home the point that a night ride on The Beast is (very probably) a far superior experience to a day ride. But that is, of course, only based on video evidence and testimony from others, rather than first hand experience myself. Sincere apologies for any...
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    What makes an enthusiast?

    I'd say that puts you firmly in the enthusiast category, but it's entirely up to you really. Do you want to consider yourself an enthusiast? If so, then by all means do. If you'd rather think of yourself as more of a 'casual observer', then that's fine too. There's no rules round here, and you...
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    Quantity over Quality - NL, DE, BE August 2019

    I love the military precision of that itinerary! "Walk along river, take pictures with signs" 😂😂😂 Potential candidate for Goon of the Year (if we still had the CF awards). Good work!
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    What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?

    North America. Can I put Steel Vengeance, even though I've ridden it? I mean yes, there's other good stuff over there that I haven't ridden yet - L'Rod, Skyrush and Fury being the top 3 - but if I had the choice to ride any of those right now... I'd choose to ride SteVe again. SteVe is God...
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    Hmm, that is odd. I also find it odd that the coaster itself, as far as we know, is still lying in bits in a field in Malaysia. This whole project is very odd to be honest, and I'm still not entirely convinced that it won't go tits up. I hope it all works out ok, but there's still plenty that...
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    Question doesn't specify currency. If it's Malaysian Ringgits then it could quite easily be C. Or B. Or maybe even A for that matter. Who knows? Clearly just a clickbait competition. How many people will fall for it? The answer may shock you.
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    How do I get more points on CF?

    Spill the beans if you find 'em, pal. :) One question though - are they verified for honesty? I mean, what if your favourite park is something else, but you put Phantasialand anyway? Do you still get the points, or are fibbers found out? Either way, the system is open to abuse. Who remembers...