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    Project Deity [B&M Hyper Coaster RLRides]

    Wow it's beautiful. <3
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    Width of a track section?

    This sounds like one for @roomraider. I'm sure I saw a post of his once explaining what the classifications mean. If it wasn't roomie, then I'm sorry he's typecast himself into this position on the forums. :p
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    New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park

    Good point @CrashCoaster Sorry, @Lofty. ;) I wonder if they'll just run it forwards only most of the time during busy days...?
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    Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster

    I'm going off probably a decade's worth of forum murmurings and no actual tangible source, but I had always heard that some of the reason for Ride of Steel's hundreds of supports was as a result of the lake it sits over. It was easier to cast many smaller foundations to spread the load out (over...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Not just that, but that the guy standing below the support - exactly where it'll land if it fell - doesn't have one! :P
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    It's like a good '**** you' to nature. It would've take you centuries to grow this tall, stupid tree, we did it in months.
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    New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park

    Yeah, that looks like it's got quick a kick to it!
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion

    As this is open now, I'll unstick this. :)
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    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Yay for both of those, they're looking great! The B&M 'cos they always do, and Fahrenheit 'cos the colour scheme is so vibrant now!
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    Is it a cred? - A general discussion topic

    So on reflection, I decided not to count that. I decided not to as I realised it was a bit too close to the 'zipline' argument. That said, it is VERY cred feeling. Once you hit the downhill section you can coast almost all the way back to the station (yes, part of that is uphill). If someone...
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    Top 10 Water Slides; Favorite Water Parks?

    Dude, this topic is over five years old. How bored must you have been?! Please try not to drag old topics like this back up from the dead.
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    Holiday World | Cheetah Chase | ProSlide RocketBlast

    Moved to construction.
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    IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)

    Thankfully yes - was first order of business for us (and we'd been tipped off by someone that they still shut it early). Queued about 45mins and didn't see any unplanned downtime. As a coaster on it's own, it's a bit pants. It's smooth, there are some good [mild] forces (for a ride like this)...
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    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    They had the concept at IAAPA in 2018 and 2019 - a scale model nonetheless. I'm sure this isn't a 'leak' per-se. I had an image from my IAAPA collection from this year, albeit without the inversions in the shot: But a video of it here:
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    IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)

    Ah great. Must have changed in the last few weeks, then. It shut at 3pm when we were there two weeks ago today - daily policy (they told us).