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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    It looks bloody fantastic. I'm staggered at the speed of it, and I think hadn't really appreciated how it was going to dive back through itself. Amazing. I mean, Steel Vengeance still looks better though.
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    Is inverted air time possible?

    Semantics. ;) You could, but the shape of the element to go from -0.5G to -1G would look like this (train shown both normal and inverted through the element): You could so something like you suggest, but you'd very quickly get into the realms of discomfort. For the forces to managed...
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    Is inverted air time possible?

    When you're hanging upside-down on a Screaming Squirrel you're experiencing -1G. It's the same force feeling you'd get on one of Skyrush's-1G hills. The reason Skyrush's hill 'feels' more forceful is all those rate-of-change things we've talked about in great length before. If you want an...
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    Quantity over Quality - NL, DE, BE August 2019

    I'll be honest mate, little sympathy here. Just because they're unrestricted, doesn't mean you should be driving at those sort of speeds. Drive the sensible speed for the road conditions. Not worth killing yourself over an extra 30mph.
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    Accident at Alton Towers

    I'm only leaving this topic open so it can be brought back from the dead when one of them ends up doing a cameo on EastEnders or something.
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    How does one measure the height of a terrain coaster?

    @Snoo nails it. In practice, parks can claim whatever they like, but in it's purest sense the only sure bet is it do what you say.
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    How does one measure the height of a terrain coaster?

    Yes. :P
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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    That was so Silver Dollar City, I love it!
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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    It's brand new, the old one was completely ripped out. I don't think they even left the station in...
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    "Now Showing"

    Went to see this last night - Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. MINOR SPOILERS It's total tripe. MAJOR SPOILERS Okay, to be fair it is absolutely beautiful to look at. The cars, scenery, sets, and colour of the movie are gorgeous (particularly the cars). Brad Pitt is wonderful. The last ten...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Given the hype, I reckon someone would have seen/heard something. This isn't 1998 Alton Towers anymore. ;)
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    SKYRIM Dwemer Coaster [Multi Launch Coaster] NEW 2019

    @Ethan is basically right as to why I don't bother commenting anymore. Your threads and more like portfolio galleries than discussion threads. I mean, you didn't answer my question in this very thread. If it doesn't "make sense" for you to reply to me on a question like that, then... eh. But...
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    Hutch's Roller Coaster Road Trip - Part 7: Holiday World CF Live

    Agreed! It's ****! :p Great write up of the day, sounds awesome. I gotta get myself to another of these big USA Lives. Not that I don't love the smaller ones I've done over the years, but getting more attendees is the USA is exciting!
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    Tayto Park News/Discussion

    @Coaster Chall YouTube - this is the second time you've done this is about 24hrs. Please try to read the posts above yours in a thread before posting 'news'. It's frustrating to keep having the topic pulled back like this.
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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    They're definitely saying "western hemisphere" because they can't be arsed to do the research on the eastern. Plus, they know no guest is going to know or care otherwise.