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    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    1. Wicker Man - I think the whole experience on this really elevates the ride. 2. Nemesis - just a great ride with a unique setting. 3. Oblivion - I really enjoy the simplicity of a big drop. 4. Th13teen - I love the ride, but what prevents it from being higher is the extent of the trimming on...
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    Metropolis 1899 - retro sci-fi/steampunk park

    The intention was for the guests to be animatronics (or static figures) and the roof garden is indoors still. As mentioned above, this has been a long term project. Recently I decided to look back at how the park evolved over time in a video:
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    Metropolis 1899 - retro sci-fi/steampunk park

    Thanks guys! Because this was started before even FLY was announced, albeit in RCT3, it feels weird to see comparisons. All I hope is that people wont think I'm hopping on the popularity bandwagon! One of the rides actually finished is this one called Hotel Futura, a kind of steampunk ghost...
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    Metropolis 1899 - retro sci-fi/steampunk park

    Hi guys, This is a project I've been working on for absolutely ages, on and off. The theme is a towering city as imagined by sci fi writers of the 1800's. Before anyone asks, it was started before FLY at Phantasialand opened ;) This is still work in progress, and the whole park is big in...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Useless marketing strategy? Not sure how useless it is. It's not open yet. PhL did the same with Taron, only announcing opening shortly before it occurred. Get over yourself, you're not being clever.
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    Your most ridden rollercoaster models

    Every day is a school day! Didn't know that.
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    Your most ridden rollercoaster models

    Similar to you, Mack Powered Coasters seem to be the most dominant. I appear to have 6. Casey Jr. Flying Fish Scorpion Express Runaway Mine Train Alpenexpress Grottenblitz Of larger coasters I have a tie between B&M Dive and Inverted Coasters at 4 each.
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    What’s the most jackhammering coaster ever?

    I've only been on 5 wooden coasters, of which Gwazi was the roughest.
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    A park with the best and worst coaster in one!

    Another vote here for Phantasialand, though for different reasons: Taron and Temple of the Nighthawk. These two are actually my top and bottom coasters I've ridden. Detest Night Hawk as it made me feel so sick.
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    CoasterForce's favourite UK roller coasters

    1. Wicker Man (whole package: great theming, atmospheric, fun ride) 2. Stealth (fast thing goes whoosh) 3. Oblivion (love a good drop) 4. Nemesis (despite my comments in the Least Common opinion thread I still enjoy it a lot) 5. Nemesis Inferno (I think it's pretty close to Nemesis) 6...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I think I probably have a similar tolerance of forces to you Matt. I enjoy airtime and negatives more than I enjoy positive forces and I think sustained forces or very intense forces uncomfortable, which is likely why I prefer Wicker Man to Nemesis and struggle with Manta. Back to unpopular /...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I actually agree with you (or at least see where you're coming from on a few of these. - Whilst I change my mind on the matter often, I think Nemesis is great but find Inferno to be very enjoyable and highly underrated as an Invert. I am undecided sometimes as to which I prefer as a track...
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    Do you find The Smiler at Alton Towers rough?

    I found it to be a bit nauseating on my last ride, but not 'rough'.
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    Is Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood classed as an Arrow or a Morgan?

    Both. I don't see why it can't be both.