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    What are you looking forward to?

    I don't suppose the Finland trip is hoped to be back on?
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    Thorpe Park 2024?

    Another X re theme would be no surprise even if suffering from diminishing returns. Sounds about right. Just whack SBF spinner trains on and call it a day.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    It's funnier now it's over and in the distant past.
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    Music that reminds you of Theme Parks

    Colossus at Heide Park reminds me of Colossus at Thorpe. And vice versa.
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    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    Forced participation with guests is fine if it's happening to other people.
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    Eurodemption #2 - Part 22: Holiday Park, Klotten & Summary

    The things we have to do to fit it all in 😂 Love it.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    I don't think his has or can be said enough. People can, and do, say anything they like. All the time. You can too. It might appear there is a correlation to future events but it doesn't have to be for more reasons that you could think they do.
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    Thorpe Park 2024?

    Has the locals objecting to tall things or obscuring their precious skyline not been brought up? You could do a tall lift hill with a low laying ride that follows (and maybe beg for one tall airtime hill) akin to I305 which would be something and cool. Just not what I personally would want...
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    Epcot | Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind | Vekoma Omnicoaster | 2022

    Finally Space Fantasy has a new challenger for coolest space moment. Even ready for a squash match perhaps?
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    Your Favorite Flat Ride?

    I didn't know! Really need to spend some quality time at Europa. Screaming Swings do it for me, but I don't go on them nearly as often as I could. Only been on one giant frisbee, Spin Spider and absolutely loved it. Flats fall so far behind coasters and dark rides they often get overlooked...
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    New rides @ small parks

    A little, but this is now a viable day out. Wouldn't have gone out of my way for just the smaller rides, even if it is a cheap enough train ticket.
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    Scratching Das Itch

    Reports using public transport are very useful so thanks for those extra bits. €29 is a bargain and would not have even considered that route.
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    New rides @ small parks

    About time, makes it worth visiting at last. Had hoped to combine with a beach visit on a sunny day so a shame it missed the summer. But some spooky stuff will give me a chuckle while drinking on the beach in the rain and cold 😎.
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    Lotte World Adventure | Busan - South Korea | Theme Park | 2022

    I'm still glad that South Korea is getting some new investments after all this time. It helps reinvigorate the urge to finally visit. Thanks for the updates.
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    Im a big idiot

    I am resisting the urge to run down reasons why this would be the wrong person to give money to. Unsuitable, unqualified, unprofessional, rude. Then question how the goal was worked out, how would the money be spent. How much did the phone calls cost, could you not find the change on the...