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    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    That station is Amazing. Candimonium has already set my bar to indifference for silly names so I can live with it and likely get a chuckle once in a while.
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    B&M + Disney

    Discontinued is a funny word. Im sure if B&M were asked they would build anything from their past catalogue (perhaps after a quick sales pitch for a winged coaster). However unless a park wanted to be ultra wacky and build a stand up, or extra boring and build a sit down - either for twice the...
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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    Well that puts a crimp on my idea to have a retirement gap year in Asia as a hand waver in on of the larger parks (free annual pass please...)
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    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    Original 4D in Thorpe. Realistically a terrible idea but they wouldn't have to theme it and will appeal to the target audience. Just put it anywhere that upsets the neighbours the least. I have wanted this for sometime and don't want to crush another dream by revising this with the last decades...
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    IP-themed rides that have outgrown their IP?

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth is another (Disney) ride that works on its own merits. It's more of a fun fact to where the inspiration came from than a selling point. Would the lure of Joules Vern ever have make enough people go to a theme park to make a financial benefit who's fans would...
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    Bucks Fizz - mix orange juice of your chosen freshness with Champagne, processo or sparkling wine. (Or buy pre mixed and it's cheap as chips). Drinkable any day but extra sparkly on Christmas morning, brunch, lunch, until the bottle runs out really.
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    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    The school coach to Alton Towers, everyone pops on the tight winding roads.
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    Quality Street; what are your top 3 flavours?

    I couldn't choose between the 2 orange ones for my last vote, so went for fudge.
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    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    Drinking fancy alcohol when I could be riding, truly savouring the visit. Also adds the extra edge when re-riding. Watching station floors move: Turn table loading platforms - staring in a way that makes the turntable appear still, but the bridge over the top is going round it Floorless Roller...
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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    I hope you can hear the people laughing or reacting as they go round. I love this.
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    Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021

    Looks like hope for a better world.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Well yes, but it's its good to see a Vegas coaster that wants to keep running & assembled.
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    Could Alton Towers Overhaul Nemesis?

    I recently (finally) watched the channel 4 special "A Roller Coaster Year". The script had the nerve to mention that everyone had their favorites then listing many of the big rides but not Nemesis. How very dare they. Hopefully it doesn't give too much an insight beyond promoting the latest...
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    Indiana Beach I Dreier Looper | Quimera relocation | 2021

    Do it - how rare is it for a lost gem to come back to life, and it's not like it's being reassembled in Russia or other out of the way place. Plus many of us will get to see if it's just been over rated or worth the hype.
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    What's next for PortAventura?

    Hows about a transport thrill ride connecting the 2 gates, same businesses model as the Hogwarts Express.?! You know, a Ferrari themed Test Track taking you high speed from one park to another. Each way could have a unique route with twists and turns, drifting its way to another land. Would pad...