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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    Ok I finally got around to updating my top 10 Voyage Zadra Steel Vengeance Lightning Rod Skyrush El toro X2 Fury 325 Mystic Timbers Boardwalk Bullet Pre-Poland trip we just got back from, steel vengeance was 1, but Zadra made me rethink RMC and coasters a bit which put voyage at the number...
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    Favourite kind of sausage?

    1) Game sausage I can sometimes score from my hunting buddies (duck, elk, gator) 2) ‘Tom Green’ Sausage
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    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | Custom Steel RMC | 2022

    I’m betting on a full ground up all ‘Steel’ support structure and ibox.
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    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | Custom Steel RMC | 2022

    I'm going with a Raptor model themed to the Atlanta Hawks. Why a Raptor?... Fun Spot may not be considered your typical "thrill" park, but I kind of beg to differ. Look at Kissimmee, tallest skyscoaster in the world (granted, you pay extra for it), but look at Mine Blower) and their most...
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    Most impressive Coaster Designs

    The three 4D coasters. (X2, Eekinaika, Dinoconda) SV / Lrod Every Raptor Voyage / Boardwalk Bullet / Switchback Mr Freeze Reverse Blast Time Traveler And of course, every Air Grover / wacky worm 🐛
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    Most effective gimmick on an attraction?

    Favorite part of the shed is when you pull of a back row ride and you see in front of you everyone’s heads bopping back and forth to the catchy tunes that play through the old school radio. The shed is super cool
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    Most effective gimmick on an attraction?

    One word...tunnels. Tunnels that go underground or through a wall like iron rattler may not be gimmicky per se as they took a lot of work to construct. When you take a ride that’s hauling quickly out in the open and then quickly enclose it with a tunnel it makes the experience that much more...
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    How does being tired/inebriated affect your judgement of pacing?

    Yup, exactly how I was thinking scared ****less while being drawn back in what felt like some diabolical Isaac Newton physics experiment on the 300’ sky coaster at Fun Spot Kissimmee. My girl Sara wanted to do it (clearly), and luckily they had tall boys you could buy at the sky coaster ticket...
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    Lightning Rod Status

    Saturday, I was one of the first guests get into the park. I quickly made my way to Lrod's queue entrance to be front of the line for when the ride opened up in about an hour. Stood there and watched flawless morning test cycles. Recognized a few other fellow enthusiasts who had joined the...
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    Living north of Atlanta/SFOG, I’m going to modify this a bit and include Dollywood/Pigeon forge area as they’re my second home park and pretty close by. 1) Lightning Rod 2) Thunderhead 3) Goliath 4) Twisted Cyclone 5) Tennessee Tornado 6) Batman 7) Superman 8) Alpine Coaster (at night) 9) Wild...
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    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    Personally, my absolute guilty pleasure is doing the ‘around the world’ drinking challenge at Epcot. One of those tidbits of info that I limit telling to certain people when they hear of me going to Epcot. As for a ride, it’s the Scrambler flat ride. Never went on one till I was an adult...
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    The best park in the world for each major manufacturer?

    This was a great idea. I agree with the rankings in the original post with just a couple of exceptions and additions. GCI, Personally, it's Kings Island with Mystic Timbers. But argument can be made for one of the monsters in China like Wood Coaster at Knight Valley. Gravity Group, Holiday...
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    Which park are you looking forward to opening?

    For me, it’s three parks that didn’t open last year and I planned to visit for the first time: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Carowinds, and Kings Dominion. If I had to choose only one, it would probably be BGW timed for when Pantheon opens up. BGW also seams like the closest mini themed version...
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    Your Top 10 coasters that you've ridden the least

    I’ll limit this to 4 rides or less... Toro. X4. (#4 overall) Boardwalk Bullet. X1. (#6 overall) X2...X2. (#7 overall) Dragster. X3. (#9 overall) Wonder Women X1 Storm Chaser X3 Lightning run X3 Montu x1 GoldStriker X2 Beast X4