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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    Even if the launch section was flat (which it probably isn't as Hixee mentioned), if the switch track failed, I'm sure the train could be pushed forward into the second valley right at the end of the launch track by a very gentle LSM launch. Or if the fault was detected early enough, maybe the...
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    Transmart Parks | Indonesia | Multiple Indoor Parks

    The other boomerang actually comes from the defunct Pleasure Island, not Pleasurewood Hills (easy to mix up) and has the same track style. Wipeout isn't going anywhere (for now)! Rcdb still lists the unit at Trans Studio Action Park (Cibubur in Jakarta) as a relocation of the boomerang from...
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    Space World Japan To Close In December 2017

    Another great find @roomraider! Looking at the evidence (and a bit of extra research), it seems to me that they have both Zaturn and Kanonen in storage, with Kanonen being still outside. This facebook post perfectly matches the stats of Zaturn and even uses a photo of the ride available on...
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    Make Your 2019 Six Flags Predictions!

    I find it a bit hard to believe they'd close and convert Scorcher without any forewarning (like they gave with Apocalypse). Given there's land clearing elsewhere, I don't see it being a change for this year - but it could happen a few years down the line. If the rumours of an S&S launcher for...
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    Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper

    Well I don't think anyone could've predicted that! Hate the name but.... Visually, I think this will be stunning. The towering inversions, giant support structure and zero-G stall/airtime hill combination over the path will be quite a sight! We might we also see a water splash too? All this talk...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    Pretty sure we did considering one of your Icon LOG photos has my friend in it haha I was the tallish blonde guy in the El Toro T shirt? You may have spotted me awkwardly filming everything later in the day [emoji23] Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    Had the pleasure of riding Icon 6 times today, so thought I'd share a few opinions! Whilst it didn't quite blow my socks off, it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride and fits perfectly into its niche at the park. It's just so smooth, comfortable and incredibly rerideable! It's barely been open 2...
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    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    1. Katun: everything you could want from an old-school invert- fast, forceful, intense and perfectly paced 2. Nemesis: Awesome, but just not quite at the same level as Katun 3. Montu: Every element is an event - loved the tunnel, the pacing and the batwing -------(significant gap)--------- 4...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    If possible, this would definitely be my number one priority for the Pleasure Beach - PMBO has so much wasted potential! Couldn't Chance Rides do it? After all, they were the ones who acquired of Morgan's assets when they ceased to be in 2001. Lightning Run has a surprisingly similar track...
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Tigris | Premier SkyRocket II

    Sadly, I think the proof is the lack of plural in "Twisted Tiger" - if we were looking at a full on conversion of both sides of Gwazi, they'd definitely need to add an s. That said, if they are cash strapped as the article suggests, there's no reason why they couldn't pull a Kentucky Kingdom and...
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    Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    The plot thickens! Maybe the video we saw earlier was S&S's proposal that got rejected late in the planning stage? Either way, rcdb has just created an entry for it, which we can presumably take as gospel: So it'll an feature an LSM launch and have a height of...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    It's amazing what you can pull up on rcdb's random coaster function! Here's a properly vintage steel coaster that may have opened all the way back in 1956: (More photos at Looks like a slightly sketchier version of the modern ABC rides tube coaster, or those wacky...
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    Salou and the States 2016 - Part 4: Mad Cred Dash at Great Adventure (Finally)

    Completely forgot about this thread! Let's see how much I can remember about early September 2016... Apparently, a surprising amount. I've also saved the best until last. Here we go... Part 4: In and out of Six Flags Great Adventure in a day! Looking back at it, I don't think I've ever had a...
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    WTF Merlin?

    Disgusting. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? Honestly, if you asked me for two reasons for why I haven't gone back since 2013, I'd probably say long queues and short opening hours. If profits are declining, you can either come out fighting and make decent investments and sensible...
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    Efteling Replacing Python.

    Of course they could've replaced it with something better - but that's rather missing the point of the coaster's niche. Whilst something like Lech would be a much better coaster on paper, it just doesn't cater for the same audience as Python does. Python is an entry level looping coaster...