Bamboo floors for kitchen come in many choices - the most popular of which are natural bamboo flooring and the carbonized bamboo flooring. Natural bamboo flooring has a beautiful off-white blonde shade, which is a color we identify with bamboo. Carbonized bamboo comes in a caramel-like brown color, which is a result of boiling the bamboo for a longer time. This is because the natural sugar present in the bamboo caramelizes, giving the bamboo this warm color.

Of the two, natural bamboo is considered at least 30% tougher than the carbonized bamboo, although both are equally preferred, the criteria being related to design and look.

Natural bamboo flooring looks a lot brighter and some people even feel that it looks a lot cleaner than other shades. Many homeowners go in for this kind of bamboo flooring because of its resemblance to natural oak flooring. Bamboo flooring can look quite stunning.

Even in natural bamboo flooring kitchen there are shade variations giving you different selection options. There is the natural light shade that gives our flooring that bleached look. Then there is the natural medium that is slightly darker, which many people prefer for its warmer tones.

Natural bamboo flooring can make your home look quite striking. For those who feel that a large stretch of light color is a bit too much, then the option could be to go in for natural bamboo planks with the darker bamboo edging, or by alternating different colored bamboo planks. Some people go in for creating some kind of a design at the center of the floor, gradually giving way to the natural bamboo flooring. If you would rather not mix and match or go in for the design, you can always break up the monotony by using colorful rugs.

Apart from stunning looks, remember that bamboo is a great alternative to the traditional wood floor, thanks to its ability to grow quickly and be replenished, unlike wood that has to grow for years before it can be harvested. Also, cutting trees is harmful to our environment. You no longer have to worry about this since bamboo is eco-friendly. It looks as good, if not better than traditional wood flooring. It is also as strong and as durable as wood flooring and best of all, costs a lot less. Bamboo does not shrink or expand like wood. It is dent proof as well.
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