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    Station fly-through: health & safety regulations

    What? You'll have to speak louder!
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    GhosterForce | TRIPSDRILL and EUROPA PARK | 4th-6th Oct 2019

    for tripsdrill - There is a bus from "bietigheim bissingen" s-bahn station - it's off peak so you'll need to change - has route info..
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    Six Flags building theme park in Saudi Arabia

    MIght be worth converting to islam if there are creds...
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    Six Flags Great America 2020

    female torso size?
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    Is the europa live still happening?
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    ^does it count as a cred?
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    Most rerideable coasters?

    Skyrush, formula rossa, silver star, taron, maverick, and of the loopy ones, probably formula!
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    The Banning Game

    banned for changing your id.
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    Alton Towers 2020

    just as long as they get hong kong phooey in there!
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    The Banning Game

    banned because I can't like my own posts
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    Untame My Heart | WALIBI HOLLAND and BOBBEJAANLAND | 7th-8th Sep 2019

    UNtamed is an absolute brute! Utterly relentless!
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I had the roast chicken and chips in the country kitchen, which was yummy! even came with a nice mushroom sauce!
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Walibi belgium is an awesome park - good ride line-up, great food and lovely landscaping
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    If B and M made a goudrix clone, it would be awesome!