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    Kings Dominion | Twisted Timbers | RMC I-Box (Hurler Conversion)

    Chubs. If you have a gut or thick thighs they might give you trouble.
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    Park with worst GP?

    Whenever that happens at another park I ask them where their party is, and I walk with them to their party. If it's just one person on a bathroom break there's no problem, but when there's multiple people trying to cut the line or they're clearly lying about their intentions then security gets...
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    Park with worst GP?

    ACE as a whole, no. A few select individuals were a little problematic but we never dealt with them much outside of Riding of the Bull and other ACE events. The ones that weren't an active part of ACE, either as independents or through other groups, were a lot more hostile to work with. Most of...
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    Park with worst GP?

    Oh man since I was last one here I've been to a few parks. Even worked in 2 of them. Working at Great Adventure for 4 years taught me a few things about clientele, mainly stay the hell away from major holidays and BAFF days. Fright Fest days are also a total :emoji_poop:show, especially on...
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    Kings Dominion | Twisted Timbers | RMC I-Box (Hurler Conversion)

    Giving a bump, Twisted Timbers has not officially tested yet as they're waiting to finish pouring for the new queue. Due to the layout of the ride it is difficult to get into the centerfield with a large vehicle, especially something like a cement truck. Also be scared for the larger folk. I'm...
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    That wonky support on top of Hangtime's first inversion.
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    Roughest/Worst coaster you've ridden?

    Steamin' Demon @ Great Escape. Never had problems with Arrow loopers until the exit of its corkscrews, damn near broke my neck.
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    World's Most Boring Coaster?

    Seconding, it's combination of the worst features of the Arrow Mine Trains. Trailblazer and Cedar Creek Mine Ride are also really dull as well.
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    Disney Hollywood Studios Will Not Be Renamed.

    In a recent Disneyparks Blog it was announced that Hollywood Studios would not be renamed as rumors had suggested. The Blog post also showcases concept art of the new Alien Swirling Racers to be added in Toy Story Land.
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    What was your first coaster to feature a launch?

    Rock n' Roller Coaster @ Disney's Hollywood Studios
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    Where are you on the spectrum of park/coaster fandom ?

    Few years back I was more interested in the coasters at parks and the experiences they bring. After a few years working in an amusement park I've grown fascinated with how parks present themselves, along with their operations teams to see what they do compared to my experiences. I've developed...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Rougarou should have hourly capacity similar to Gatekeeper. Its cousin Bizarro has an hourly capacity estimate of 1728. I believe Raptor is somewhere north of 1800?
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    It's not going to take forever and a half to check a train anymore so in all likelihood Rougarou will be running all 3 trains for many years to come (unless parts shaving becomes a thing, which Cedar Point is usually good about).
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    SeaWorld plans to launch brand-repairing campaign

    Well that's going to go nowhere.