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    New Premier track at Intermountain Lift

    Plus...his whole falling out with his family up at Holiday World after their father passed away.
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    TEA 2020 Attendance Figures

    If y'all want to deep dive anything regarding this report, please look into how inaccurate it is. They're reporting that Canada's Wonderland, which did not open in 2020, had over one million visitors. They also claim that Disneyland, which only operated for 2.5 months prior to shuttering...
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    Knott's, Elitch, Lakeside - The Long Way Home

    It gets better and better the more you read it! Man...Lakeside was a night to remember for sure! I love how the rental car place even left the splitter guards on your Challenger ;)
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    We made the most of the few hours we were at Conneaut, but it definitely will not be missed!
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    A super rare trip report from Poland – August 2021 {Day 2 - Energylandia}

    That first photo of Energylandia is giving me Cedar Point vibes! This park is very high on my priority list thanks to the numerous trip reports posted here and friends who have gone recently. It'll only be a matter of time before @Snoo, @tomahawk, and surely much more company finally manage a...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    No fancy photo or screengrab of a spreadsheet, but Elitch Gardens ended up being my 100th visited amusement park!
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    SFMM | Wonder Woman Flight of Courage | RMC Raptor | 2022

    Geez, y'all. Here's a photo of a small construction crane to satisfy the photo thirst:
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    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    Not even going to bother with the usual quote tweet since I've done a much better analysis in my recently made spreadsheet by comparing opening year to the year when I first rode each ride. This list only includes coasters. 1999 Dragon - Legoland California 2001 Flying Ace Aerial Chase -...
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    SFMM | Wonder Woman Flight of Courage | RMC Raptor | 2022

    Go order a large Jersey Mike's sub and go measure the track yourself :p
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    Indiana Beach I Dreier Looper | Quimera relocation | 2022

    All things considered, I think we can all agree that they NEED to take their time on this one. Get it properly fixed before opening...
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    SFMM | Wonder Woman Flight of Courage | RMC Raptor | 2022

    Drawings were filed with the local government at the start of COVID and show exactly what was described above:
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    Wicked Twister at Cedar Point to be removed

    It's on hold, but not due to lack of interest. T-Rex is intended to be a product of massive scale - massive enough that physical development is a challenge. RMC's workaround is to leverage Raptor as a small scale test bed, as much of the technology between the two products will essentially be...
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    Wicked Twister at Cedar Point to be removed

    I know @bmac will disagree with me, but Cedar Point already has a boardwalk. It runs along the beach from the front parking lot next to Gatekeeper's drop all the way back to the Magnum entrance. It simply doesn't look like the boardwalk anybody has pictured in their heads with actual boards...
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    Sea World San Antonio

    This is a matter of opinion. The entire chain - including both Seaworld parks AND Busch Gardens parks - is looking to add more and more thrill rides as a long term strategy. They recently bolstered a decent lineup (Morgan mega coaster, Batman clone, Mack supersplash) with Texas Stingray, which...
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    Sea World San Antonio

    Seaworld brand perception has made a complete 180 over the past few years, as evidenced by their continued growth in revenue and attendance (excluding any nuances stemming from COVID). The park is excellent as-is - they just need to maintain their course and keep expanding their selection of rides.