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The Cranedude Trip Thread Uncraned - Recap on the Year so Far


Welcome. I'm Cranedude. This year......hasn't really been eventful for me.

In my neck of the woods creds are scarce. So sometimes during a year we go to a theme park and enjoy ourselves.

Not this time.
China brought their silly virus to us by Seattle-way and everything broke down.
March 5th we had started planning a Disney trip for before May. That's because May was the original Spaceship Earth closing date. Coronavirus gatecrashed and the Dollywood announcement I was looking forward to was binned:

By Screamscape -
"(3/13/20) Dollywood is still opening today for Passholder Preview Day, and is holding fast to their plans to open to all guests for the season on Satuday. But due to “an abundance of caution” they did postpone the planned media day announcement and activities that were scheduled to happen today.
As best said by Dolly herself, “The exciting economic news we planned to share does not seem appropriate based on what is going on. It doesn’t feel right,” Dolly said. “We need to focus on good health and praying for those who are affected. We know brighter days are ahead.”
Well said and we look forward to hearing the news when the time is right."

and the rest of the month was spent sitting at home.
Excitement came at the end of May. We were going on a trip to Gatlinburg. Sadly, Dollywood was not open during the trip. Nor were most of the pools at the hotels we stayed at. We went home kinda underwhelmed.
No Fear! We had already thought about a trip to the beach. Original thought was mid-June, that became July. Panama City was the original location, but somewhere along the way it morphed into a place we'd never been.



July 12-July 17 was the trip time. We went off and had a great time.
On the 15th, we finally went to the Pleasure Pier. Which I had wanted to go to because of Iron Shark. We get there and I see the closed rides sign.

And my heart sinks.

The Following Attractions will be Closed Today:
Rock and Roll
Iron Shark
Texas Star Flyer

Iron Shark, which I had spent the whole month of June and most of the trip waiting for, was closed.

We had a fun time at the pier, but never being able to ride Iron Shark kinda put a dampen on it. Regardless, I got my first inversion period since 2018 on Cyclone, the local Super Loop. And also did the Galaxy Wheel, Revolution, and Pirate's Plunge.

We left, but before the trip ended we booked another trip to Galveston for beginning of August for my sister Bailey's birthday. I think Iron Shark will be open by then. Texas Star was the only one that even remotely looked Corona-Related. Iron Shark was down for "services", whatever that entails, and Rock and Roll was straight up closed for annual maintenance. So when we leave on the 13th of August, I'll be posting about it on this thread.

I hope we have a good year ahead. Well, good rest of the year.


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That is awfully frustrating! It is a shame to miss the creds, but equally Iron Shark is no world-beater!


...and then we went back this August and everything fell into place.
Turns out Sky Screamer had a chain bearing needing replacement and Iron Shark had the chain lift break. Both were open on the August trip, and I got them. So awesome. Yep, Rock and Roll was closed and will be till 2021.

But that's behind me.
Now onto now.
We arrived in the Smokies for the second time this year on the 6th. I'm excited to go to Dollywood. Then I see this.
Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 18.41.43.png
Awesome. Because of the Virus, it's now closed Tuesdays through Thursdays. We leave this Thursday.
Spite! +9. I'm not sure if we'll even go to Disney this year, so it seems that Iron Shark may be the ONLY cred I get this year.
EDIT: I'm probably going to make the 2021 thread today. 2020 seems to be dead in the water, and I might as well post my yearly results.
Theme Parks Visited: 1
New Creds: 1
Number of Creds Total: 1
Spites: 9
Score: Z---/A+++
Closing Thoughts: I've been yelled at and beat up by my parents more times than I've gotten creds.
TLDR: Entire year went belly up and it appears Galveston Pier will be my only park of the year. Year f**king sucked.
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...and just when everything seems hopeless, here come two more nights! In the same hotel! Not in a signature, though, but it extends the trip to Saturday, opening up Friday for a possible Dollywood trip! Yay!