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Futuroscope to build €22M coaster for 2019

Discussion in 'News & Rumours' started by Coaster Hipster, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Coaster Hipster

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    Futuroscope's manager, Dominique Hummel, has recently announced the construction of a major roller coaster at the park for 2019. The coaster would cost 22 million euros, theming included, which would be the biggest investment of the park for a long while.

    Source in French:

    Additional info surfaced on the dedicated Futuroscope fan:

    - The coaster's height requirement will be 105 cm or 42 inches
    - It will be themed to a space adventure
    - Will have both indoor and outdoor sections
    - One of the element would be a freefall drop section of track.

    Source in French:

    Very interesting news. Futuroscope has never been coaster-focused. In fact, they only have one roller coaster and it's just a Sunkid Butterfly. But they have a strong financial momentum. I'm very curious how the regular Futuroscope audience will react to this departure from their usual style. It is a fascinating gamble that could well expand the park's reach.

    Futuroscope is one of the largest French amusement parks and is located near Poitiers, in the western-ish part of the country. It generally has a 2M visitors attendance.

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  2. peep

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    Ah, glad to hear they've actually announced this. I remember seeing this rumoured as part of their long term plan years ago. I really like the park and sort of agree that it's a departure from their normal line-up but they've been increasing their ride line up for years. You could argue the room full of robo arms was their first departure into more thrill based attractions.

    Honestly excited to see what they're planning. I was thinking of visiting next year but maybe I'll hold off another year.
  3. Mit deLuxe

    Mit deLuxe Well-Known Member

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    Oh wow this is fantastic news.

    I love Futuroscope, so I welcome this announcement. Wait and see now what they actually build, I just hope to god it's not VR!

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