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Chimera [RLRides B&M Floorless]


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Soooo it happened again. Feeling abit exhausted of the bigger projects I went into FVD and started playing arounf with a modern shaped B&M Floorless (like Hot Wheels Nitro in India). I asked around about what elements to add and was challenged with a few ideas then worked out how to make those suggestions work. It actually turned into quite a good layout that I actually like (this was never the intention) and this is what popped out.

I named it Chimera which is an organism made up of cells of another, or a mythical beast made up of the parts of other animals, which is fitting considering the elements used and the way the thing was designed. I may look to do more with the ride, but I just wanted to show some of the shaping in it's rawest form.



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Either deliberately subtle, or coincidently unfortunate - you haven't included the turnaround after the airtime hill in either of those shots. Knowing you, there's probably something strange lurking out of shot. :p

Non-inverting loop aside (which is no criticism I might add), that looks wonderfully new-age B&M.

I do wonder about the tightness of the roll at the top of the loop though - do the trains have enough articulation to make it through that?