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    Universal Studios Japan | Super Nintendo World | New land | 2021

    I think they're still on schedule to open before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. :cool:😇
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    What’s next for Phantasialand?

    The state of Brühl doesn't exist. Brühl is only a city. The state is NRW. This is no update. There's nothing new on the linked page. Everything is the same way as it was when I last checked the page of the city. Their decision was made years ago. If the state of NRW doesn't sell the area in the...
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    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    My homepark is Phantasialand. I could go with something completely unrealistic like a giga coaster or a woodie. But to be honest I think that wouldn't fit the park and of course it'd never be allowed due to the parks neighbors. I feel like something like Arthur in Europa Park could be a really...
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    B&M + Disney

    I feel like in the last decade more intense thrill coasters are becoming more and more of a family activity and less of a thrill seeker thing. Looking at some beautifully themed B&M inverts like Nemesis or Black Mamba I think a coaster like this could fit in a Disney park. Especially Black Mamba...
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    What’s next for Phantasialand?

    Hard to say. Of course you can see that deforestation is not really loved by many Germans. As we saw in the last years especially if you want to clear the forest to mine for brown coal (which is just stupid by itself). On the other hand the Phantasialand area is not an old forest and an old...
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    What’s next for Phantasialand?

    Didn't hear anything about that. The land is owned by the state of NRW and they are arguing wether to sell it or not for years. I think the city updated the development plans for that area several years ago. The park doesn't plan any theme park attractions on that land though. Anyway it's still...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    We can pretend we didn't see it.
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    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    This image is a bit deceiving. It'll be about the same as with other inverted coasters. If you put your arms up while on the train you get quite close to the track. But if you want to put this image into perspective you have to rember that you are not standing but sitting in the coaster...
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    What is your favourite use of special effects on an attraction?

    Good to hear it mentioned. I loved it the first time I saw it. Last time I rode it wasn't foggy and just felt cheap and empty... But I'm pretty sure that was just a defect or something.
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    Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021

    They are not up to date though as the brake before the drop (7) was scrapped.
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    Indiana Beach I Dreier Looper | Quimera relocation

    Being German "Dreier Looper" sounds really odd. The name was "Dreier Looping"
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    Lightning Rod Status

    The wood still supports the steel track. Either the forces are really high or the wood didn't meet the expected quality standards.
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    Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021

    I guess this is spot the German ;) "Thematisierung"
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    Movie Park Germany | Unknown | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021

    I doubt that this hole is in any way finalized. It looks like there's basically no room to the sides.
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    Movie Park Germany | Unknown | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021

    Yes, we knew before that there'll be one curve outside the building.