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    SeaWorld San Diego replacing Wild Arctic in 2021

    This aged poorly :P Are the Wild Arctic rides outside SWO the same ride system and layout? Always thought the SWO ride was a great ride system but a terrible implementaion of it.
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    Width of a track section?

    Ah yes that was me. I'll copy paste from that post. But in summary the track width from the center of one rail to the center of the other on corkscrew should be 1200mm -------- Just to clear up the numbering system here. The track used on these new Vekoma is 1100mm in width. This is the...
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    Mundo Petapa | Relámpago | Zamperla Thunderbolt

    And now its up. That popped up fast.
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    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    That wildcat video will just be a premade video of one of Vekoma's available standard models. Its one I know other people have seen before when Vekoma have been considered for other projects. And yeah as everyone says This project clearly doesnt have funding in place yet and seems like a pie in...
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    Longchong Scenic Spot To Install Pretty Insane Thrill Rides

    Oh come on both of you.... Shush now.... @CrashCoaster Yes you are right Chinese manafacturers do rip off western manafacturers sometimes, including here. That much is clear but it has been getting better. Especially BSAE and GH have been expanding into custom designs and track designs of their...
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    Longchong Scenic Spot To Install Pretty Insane Thrill Rides

    The sky coaster appears to be going in and painted at the moment. No shots of the seesaw as of yet Source
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    Hotgo Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster & B&M Hyper Coaster

    Another year, Another December, Another Snow Fall, Another Year with sod all movement. Same time same place next year? The other park is still operating fine and the official line still seems to be this park will be finished one day. But who knows.
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    Photos from abandoned theme parks

    A bunch of shots from the abandoned Vaikų Pasaulis which is home to a very sad looking Schwarzkopf Jets Star 2 Theres a crap ton more pictures from the rest of the park here -
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Pretty bad accident in Thailand on a fair ground flat ride. (Article is in Russian) Looks like a restraints failure on part of the ride as the metal bar releases. Not posting the video directly as it shows the accident and some may not want to see that. No one...
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    Southport Pleasureland future

    Looks like there is track at Southport all of a sudden To me it looks like its possibly Crazy Train from Gullivers in Warrington which closed in 2018
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    Jinan Sunac Theme Park | Jinan | Theme Park

    Yeah this parks linup is a little lacklustre compared to some of the previous ones But heres a park plan for the entire amusement section Looks like the 3 coasters are listed as Wooden Coaster (seen above but left one on this plan), Family Coaster (The centre one) and Spinning Coaster (the right...
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    Chengdu Wanda City | Unknown | Taron Clone

    A ton of new pics can be found here. Including some slightly better ones of Taron 2 and the Mine Train. I dont think anyone is expecting this to live up to the original Taron themeing wise but nice to see them putting some effort in to the...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Ah you are right. Not a major coaster either way but one i didnt know at all existed until unearthing that old map.
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Some lovely old footage of the lost Schwarzkopf double loop at Kobe Portopialand in Japan from 1981 can be seen in these videos Including a shakey full POV at around 1min in this video Found this and quite a lot of other footage of Double Loop while looking for evidence of a coaster missing...
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    Oriental Neverland Phase 2 | Shaoxing China | Theme Park

    Again a much better look at the new BSAE racing coasters.