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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    A small new park themed to the Smurfs has just opened in Shanghai, China The Smurf Theme Park is a well themed indoor park with a small spinning coaster called the Smurfberry Roller Coaster. The park also has what appears to be a very high quality dark ride themed to the Smurfs (Images of that...
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    Cancelled theme park projects you wish had come to fruition

    That whole park plan image is just such a horrible mess. There's a Tatsu clone labelled mega wooden coaster. An El Toro clone labelled water flume coaster. What appears to be an old Vekoma suspended coaster labelled children's wooden coaster, 2 B&M hyper coaster layouts it appears and a host of...
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    Cancelled theme park projects you wish had come to fruition

    I still have copies of all 5 files. Which include 2 alton towers woodie plans, 2 Thorpe Park Steel coasters and a Thorpe Park woodie. All of which I assume were discussed as options. They are all pretty rudimentary early rct models but give a rough idea of ideas they were throwing around.
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    Cancelled theme park projects you wish had come to fruition

    This is a fairly weird one but something that only twigged for me a few weeks ago when looking through old RCT files and It finally clicked. Its a fairly well known curiosity that in 2002 before Thope Park settled on Colossus they looked at putting in a B&M launched coaster on the site. A plan...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Finally got round to scanning this in. One of the latest additions to my collection. This is a shot of the infamous Schwarzkopf Thriller but unsually it shows the ride in 1996 during its one and only season at Grona Lund in Sweden.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Thats still speculation. The other possibility is Six Flags China since that park now seems dead and was also supposed to get a Maurer spinner. (Maurer not having much luck with delivering spinners) The Shaoxing Mirror Lake one that is currently sat in pieces at the park site in China is a...
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    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+

    So to get to Abyssus, when you enter the park you walk past the Vekoma Junior coaster, continue on past the Vekoma Junior coaster, when you get to the road go under it and carry on until you get to the Vekoma Junior coaster turn left then head past the Vekoma Junior Coaster. Got it.
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    Visionland Changde | China | Theme Park

    This managed to pass me by earlier this year but the park opened on January 18th only to be closed shortly after for lockdown. The park has re-opened (with it appears some of the indoor attractions out of bounds for now) A selection of pics found on Weibo show the park now open again
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    Yerevan Park - Armenia - Indoor/Outdoor Park

    This park has been known about for a while since it first appeared on a Vekoma reference list last year. But it seems construction is now properly under way. The park aims to be the first world class amusement park in Armenia and will have three roller coasters. A Vekoma 247m junior coaster...
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    Nickelodeon Universe | Chongqing China |Indoor Theme Park

    To be fair to Maurer they have had a real but if misfortune with their spinners in recent years. Respublika, Six Flags Dubai and Mirror Lake (China) have all bought spinners and have all folded before they were erected. So there's currently 3 custom maurer spinners just sat around not installed.
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    Nigloland | Unknown | New rollercoaster for 2021

    As has been said above bit many rides use the 4 bolt setup but mack and geurst have done before. A very unlikely one this but these also use 4 bolt footers And for reference the footers on time traveller.
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    Vietnam | Vinpearl Thu Thiem | Theme Park

    You're going to be really disappointed by the Shockwave like Abyssus and the other Firestorm. They all have the same trim brake installed and they'll all be the same.
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    Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023

    hada friend send this though last night It appears there may be track on site next to the Disney Hotel Was spotted first in this video of the park during lockdown (around 2:20)