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    David & Dave Do Stuff (final score).

    Fair enough. I’ve been planning a hypothetical future trip to Energylandia/Legendia, and I’m aiming to combine it with a week in Krakow. 😍
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    David & Dave Do Stuff (final score).

    As usual, Howie a little unclear on the concept. Most enthusiasts win bragging rights by bagging a lot of creds. Howie returns from Energylandia and proudly announces that he’s **scoffed at** EIGHT new creds. 😳 As if I weren’t already seething with enough envy reading all of that as I enjoy the...
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    Most unique roller coaster lineup?

    First one to pop into my mind is Skyline Park.
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    How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

    This gets close to my feelings. Adding to the “parks are supposed to be fun” feeling is knowing that I’ll just be feeling angry at people’s incredible selfishness if I see people at crowded parks with no masks. So, it’s still zero parks for me for now, but I’ve planned out so many coaster trips...
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    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    Where do find I such info on coaster-count? Is it under “My rides statistics”? (Which C-C shows as “currently not available” for me.)
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    Movie Park Germany | Unknown | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021

    How many dimensions are involved? Will my loved ones be older after I ride it?
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    Best Coaster Countries

    You said the same thing in 2017, but it’s good to know your opinion hasn’t changed. Might sound like I’m taking the p*ss there but I’m not — I wanted to hear your opinion, because who would know better than you.
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    This is a poll of amusement parks?

    Quassy vs lake Compounce. — Lake Compounce Six Flags New England vs six flags over Georgia — my first visit to SFoG continues to elude me Hersheypark vs six flags great adventure — This is the hardest one of your match-ups. If we’re talking overall park, then Hershey Cedar point vs Hersheypark —...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    You b*st*rds out there enjoying the coaster world again, while I’m stuck here in a leaderless country that won’t emerge again until there’s a vaccine. My last coaster was Belmont’s Giant Dipper in December 2019, and I am not likely to ride at all in the year 2020. I’m sure there are people...
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    Best Coaster Countries

    This thread is from 2017. Most respondents here say that the U.S. is obviously number one, but China is “up and coming.” So would anyone today, in 2020, put China in the number one spot? (I wouldn’t, fwiw, but I wonder if any here would.) I was going to start a thread on this topic, but I...
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    Best Coaster Countries

    I loved the atmosphere of Fårup!
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    Lakemont Park, Leap The Dips Closed in 2017-18 for Renovations

    That is fantastic news! Thank you! Although the small irony here is after trying to ride this for the last three years, yesterday I canceled all of my hotel reservations for a summer coaster trip I planned many months ago — including my booked hotel in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
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    Two questions about CF Platinum Passes

    Thank you very much, LFTL! Much appreciated.
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    Two questions about CF Platinum Passes

    1. I know that Cedar Fair Platinum Passes are normally non-refundable, but is there a policy exception in place for this corona-stricken season? Can I get a refund? 2. When does a Platinum Pass kick into effect? Is it a year from the point of purchase? Is it a year from the moment it is...
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    What do you find most scary? / Phobias?

    I once thought I had passed some kind of enthusiast milestone when I was sitting on a bench at Canada’s Wonderland eating poutine, and then a kid sprinted up, shoved his head INTO the flap of a trash bin right next to me, and proceeded to vomit, and I never stopped eating. As the kid was walking...