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    Best theme park Toilets

    Klugheim toilets have been my favourites. Also a fan of the race car ones at Linnanmaki. Never knew of the golden toilet at Efteling; will have to remember about that! These toilets do win for some of the grimmest. Pretty certain they were built in the 90s and haven't really seen any sort of...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Thing is, Phantasialand pushed Klugheim / Taron as new in both 2017 and 2018. Sure, they could only use "New for 2016" for one year, but they were able to milk it for a good couple of years. A bigger marketing campaign might be more suited for the 2021 season I guess, but they still could -...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    I don't get the logic of opening it in 2021, if it's ready to open in 2020. Phantasialand effectively marketed the living daylights out of Klugheim until last year (but even then, still pushed it a lot). They'll get several years of marketing and attention out of it. What positive effect is...
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    Coasters that were built too early?

    I believe the logic was that it was believed that a park had bought the 12-inversion model from Intamin and were installing it imminently, so that was the one to beat. Going for 13 would have caused a marketing clash with Thirteen, so 14 was the 'magic number'. (All of that info comes from...
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    Bellewaerde | Wakala | Gerstlauer Family Semi-Shuttle

    It looks pretty good to be fair. I'm still not sold on the worthwhileness of the spike / reverse section, and the coaster looks a bit on the tame side to start with, but otherwise a really solid investment. Oh, and I love that music.
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    New track at the B&M plant

    Someone posts an awesome, super geeky post, with lots of well-researched information and detail, and your only response is a vaguely passive aggressive comment about what's more likely a typo than a mistake? Wow...
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    Odd transfer tracks

    Whilst it's true Fish was replaced by Stealth and didn't return until 2007, the land that Fish is on is infilled land, and I'm fairly certain didn't exist in 2004/5 when plans for Stealth and its maintenance shed were drawn up (or if it did exist, it certainly wasn't usable). So it's more they...
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    Odd transfer tracks

    Python at Efteling has a nice drop into the maintenance bay which always tickles me whenever I see it: (best photo I could find)
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    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    I believe that the Merlin parks are only closing bookings in small chunks as it's easier to process refunds/exchanges that way. No one, internally or externally, will be thinking they will actually open June 1st. I expect that next to no one is booking tickets for June anyway so it probably...
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    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    Energylandia have outlined their plans for reopening: Google Translate is a bit rough, but from what I gather the key points are: -Drones used for disinfecting the park -300 disinfection stations for guests to clean hands -Staff temperature checked at start of each day -Some form of mass...
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    Gröna Lund | Unknown | B&M Invert

    Presumably you mean B&M inverts? Because obviously many of the Dive Machines are shorter But if the B&M inverts, yeah this will be the shortest (if you exclude the family ones).
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    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    Haven't received said survey yet, but I don't see how it's a bad thing? Plenty of parks have tried to understand public opinion with similar surveys, so they can present to higher ups/investors with details of what the public want. This surely isn't any different?
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    Efteling | Max & Moritz | Mack Powered Coasters

    To be fair, the story of Max and Moritz is a fairytale. And it's pretty well known in Netherlands I believe? So it still keeps with all that. The difference between this and everything else is the tone of it, and the added confusion to a foreign audience. I imagine (hope) the whoopie noises...
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    Correct way to pronounce "Candymonium"

    When one "invents" a new word, one should "make" (ie spell) it so it can be said in the easiest possible way, not the other way round. There's linguistic rules which are generally agreed upon that people should follow as much as possible. You wouldn't invent a car and put the indicator where...
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    Correct way to pronounce "Candymonium"

    Candymonium Candy-monium Can-dee-mo-nee-um If you look at words that contain ymo, that part of the word is usually pronounced as ?ee-mo-... (? Is the the letter before y), with only nymo words being pronounced as na-mo-... Seemingly the only word in English language with dymo is didymous, which...