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    Major accident on Quimera at La Feria Chapultepec

    Do it - how rare is it for a lost gem to come back to life, and it's not like it's being reassembled in Russia or other out of the way place. Plus many of us will get to see if it's just been over rated or worth the hype.
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    What's next for PortAventura?

    Hows about a transport thrill ride connecting the 2 gates, same businesses model as the Hogwarts Express.?! You know, a Ferrari themed Test Track taking you high speed from one park to another. Each way could have a unique route with twists and turns, drifting its way to another land. Would pad...
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    Rank the RMC inversions

    It's all good but these are my favs 1 Zero G Stall / Wildfire - There is no strain of being upside down, it just feels fantastic with the inverted view of a glorious horizon. Spot on. 2 Barrel Roll Drop / Storm Chaser - Lovely stuff indeed. The turn and feel of a drop is so much fun. Makes me...
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    Well if I must do it myself then so be it. It was interesting to read the number of 'Absinthe rinse' cocktail options. Asides making my fav vermouth rinse seam a bit pathetic, its an intriguing way to use that hideous drink. Also good to know Waldorf did more than an odd salad. If anyone...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    If there has to be something off with their rides, then I'd happily take a naming inconsistency on something that's otherwise done really well.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    I think its fairest to expect this wont live up to anyone's expectations. Even if it does pull through no one should be faulted for their doubts.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Hope raised and then dashed in moments from one forum page to another. Hope over a new fence. Why do I let this get to me?!
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    WTF Merlin?

    Wasn't running at park opening the next day but was going again before lunch. My WTF is what happened to the waterfall under the 1st drop? I heard the red was gone but not that this one was off completely. The moss suggests this is old news but still a shame for me. Oh and no single riders on...
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    Your worst spite

    Just realised it's X2. Stupid broken chain.
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    Orlando, Atlantic City, etc. Skyscrapers | ThrillCorp

    Off to a good restart
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    B&M Surf Coaster Thread

    Didn't know about half of those revised coasters so that alone is interesting. B&M could just be refreshing their catalogue overall to keep it relevant, but yes with at least one park in mind to try it out on. While stand ups are frowned upon a lot, they are all older rides and there is...
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    Make sure you do one way or another, my jealousy can contain itself. Asides getting your moneys worth we need detailed information.
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    Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023

    The old castle blends in really well too. They did a fantastic job on something that initially sounded like an unlikely project.
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    << This is all I have left of a small bottle - it was fantastic and hope to come across it again. Sweet vermouth all the way for me too on Manhattans, even in some Martinis when feeling spicy. If only quality cocktails were a dollar - without the gateway to gambling. Had to look up Clamato as...
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    Your worst spite

    Been spited twice for Odyssey, really curious about the largest SLC but not keen to keep revisiting Skegness. Oh and Lightning Rod, of course.