Wilde Hilde opens at Schwaben Park

Kaisersbach, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

October 13, 2018 – After minor delays testing and fine tuning the ride, Wilde Hilde opened at Schwaben Park. The Roller Ball coaster by RES (Ride Engineers Switzerland) is the first of its kind and the first coaster built by the company that specializes in flat rides and water rides. Standing 82 feet (19m) tall, the family friendly coaster features a vertical chain lift hill and five cutbacks along 328 feet (100m) of track with four-seat gondolas on one side of the track that rotate similar to Intamin‘s Zac-Spin 4D coasters. However, the coaster uses magnetic brakes just before the free-fall cutbacks to prevent the gondolas from spinning upside down.

RES has two other coaster designs, a dive coaster that resembles Intamin’s Half Pipe coasters, and a Air Loop coaster that features gondolas that resemble Gerstlauer‘s Sky Rollers that spin as much or as little as the rider chooses, but neither have been built. Technical Park also designed an Aerobat coaster that is very similar to the RES Air Loop, but none of those have been built either.


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