White Cyclone to get RMC conversion

Nagashima, Kuwana, Japan

October 8, 2017 – Nagashima Spa Land announced that White Cyclone will close on January 28, 2018. The park’s iconic wooden roller coaster will be undergoing RMC’s I-Box steel track treatment and is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2019. Rocky Mountain Construction specialize in converting classic wooden coasters into new steel hybrid coasters, with many examples already operating in the United States of America. This is the first RMC Iron Horse conversion outside of the USA and only their second project abroad following the opening of Wildfire in Sweden last year.

RMC conversions usually add height, speed, steepness, banked turns and inversions to the existing structure. At 139 feet (42.4m) high and nearly 5,578 feet (m) in length, White Cyclone is already the tallest and longest wooden coaster in Japan as well as the longest and second tallest in Asia behind 184 feet (1,700m) tall T Express at Everland in South Korea. White Cyclone has a current top speed of just over 63 mph (102 km/h) and it will surely top T Express’ 64.6 mph (104 km/h) as well as its max vertical angle of 77° to also become the steepest and fastest wooden coaster in Asia once the conversion is complete.


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