With 37 parks and 81 coasters, the Benelux region has always been a popular destination for CoasterForce members, where we’ve held CF Lives for the past three years in a row. So we’re thrilled to make it a fourth straight with this trip to Belgium and the Netherlands.

First up is Walibi Holland, the former Six Flags park that hasn’t quite shed that American amusement park feel but continues to grow in popularity. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since we were first drawn here to ride Goliath, the airtime machine that still impresses as much as it did back then. Three years ago it was the offbeat Lost Gravity that brought us back to give the first BigDipper coaster a try. Now it’s all about Untamed, the I-Box steel track conversion of the former Robin Hood wooden coaster. It’s Rocky Mountain Construction’s first hybrid coaster in Europe and we can’t wait to see what Alan Schilke has come up with this time around!

Then we head across the border to Bobbejaanland, filled with quirky coasters and rides that are (mostly) unique to the park. From Typhoon – the world’s second Euro-Fighter, to Dream Catcher – Europe’s only Swinging Turns coaster, to Mount Mara – the one and only Illusion coaster, to Bob Express – the mine train coaster that runs over water, to Speedy Bob – a mirror image of your usual wild mouse, there’s plenty here you won’t find anywhere else. So we’re excited to see what the park comes up with for their new triple launched, yet unnamed, Infinity coaster. There’s also plenty of unusual flat rides, including a tram ride with King Kong that goes nowhere and the El Paso shooter, that we fondly call Bench: The Ride.

Ride with us!

Meet Up time and Location TBC.

This CoasterForce Live is being organised by Serena.
Keep an eye on this page and the Forums for important information.

Directions and ride information can be found on Walibi Holland’s and Bobbejaanland‘s websites.