For the first time in CoasterForce’s long history, the U.S. CF Lives will feature a Halloween event!

Six Flags Great America will be the first North American host of this lovely tradition, sure to fill your entire weekend with enough tricks, treats, screams, and scares to make this holiday tradition something you’ll always want to attend.

AND LEST WE FORGET! Maxx Force, the latest powerhouse launcher is showing up to give us all the ride of lifetime. This coaster, as well as the 14 others such as Goliath, a hybrid beast that just makes the world a better place that it exists, and X-Flight, a Wing Rider that will have you flying high, will fill your entire weekend with fun, frights, delights, and just overall deliciousness.

Six Flags Great America calls Chicago its home, one of the biggest cities in North America that has literally everything you can imagine. From the Bean, to the Willis Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the world), to teams of all the major sports, you can fill not just a weekend but a whole week in just the city alone.

JOIN US for “Maxx Ghosterforce”, with Ghouls and Goblins, thrills and chills! What more could you want to close out your 2019 U.S. CoasterForce Live season?!

Ride with us!

Meet Up time and Location TBC.

This CoasterForce Live is being organized by Snoo, Antinos, and Tomahawk.
Keep an eye on this page and our Forums for important information.

Directions and ride information can be found on the Six Flags Great America website.