Time to cure those off-season blues with a trip to sunny Spain. This weekend of coasters will feature Europe’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, B&M’s biggest coaster outside of North America, and the ridiculous Templo Del Fuego!

The resort will be in full Christmas event mode, with lots of lovely extra festive touches throughout the park with extra shows and food to make it all the more magical. PortAventura Park is home to dozens of rides, big and small, suitable for a wide range of tastes in theme parks. We’ll be enjoying everything this park has to offer and making the most of the dusk and night rides on Shambhala!

Just next door, Ferrari Land offers the chance to ride Europe’s only Giga coaster, and their newest coaster an SBF Visa Group coaster – be prepared for shame! We’ll likely visit this park for part of a day before stepping into the main park to keep the fun going. These will be long days, so be prepared for plenty of walking and rides, but there will be plenty of games and other goons to keep you going!


Ride with us!

Meet Up time and location TBC.

This CoasterForce Live is being organised by Serena.

Keep an eye on this page and our Forums for important information.

Directions, ticket, ride information can be found on the PortAventura World website.