New RMC Raptor delayed until 2021

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

May 30, 2020 – Wild Water West is pushing back its plans to open their planned RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) Raptor roller coaster by the end of the summer. Work on the single rail coaster won’t start until the fall at the earliest, according to director of operations Brian Rehnke. Disruptions to the industry caused by the Coronavirus were the major factor, Rehnke said.

“(The Coronavirus hit) exactly when we were signing contracts,” he said in a statement. “The manufacturer even had to do some furloughs and things. We want to responsibility get through the summer as good as we can and pick up that project in the fall.”

The original plan was to start construction in April and open by August for late-summer use.

In its March 2020 application to the Minnehaha County Commission, which unanimously approved a conditional use permit for the park to build the project, Wild Water West stated the coaster will take up a space approximately 275 feet (84m) long by 125 feet (38m) wide with a peak height of 113 feet (34.5m).

The new Raptor, which will be on the south side of the wave pool at Wild Water West, will easily be the biggest in the state, as the only other operating coaster is Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall kiddie coaster at Storybook Land in Aberdeen.

Wild Water West was scheduled to open for the season on May 24th, but had to push that back until May 30th due to state-wide restrictions.

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