$3 million for Indiana Beach buyers

Monticello, Indiana, USA

March 21, 2020 – One month after Indiana Beach closed, local authorities, The White County commissioners and White County Council, are offering $3 million in economic incentives to a potential buyer of the park. Using money from the Wind Farm Economic Development fund, which is allowed through Indiana Code to be used for economic development purposes, the county can lend money from the fund to borrowers. Any potential buyer could access the fund in the form of a forgivable loan, to ensure operations, development, employment and economic benefits for the area. At the time of writing, buyers are in discussion with the local authorities but no buyer has been found. In a recent Facebook post, the owners of Fun Spot ruled themselves out of the process.

Indiana Beach was operated by the Apex Group, the company that closed the park, along with Fantasy Island in New York, on February 18, 2020. After announcing the permanent park closure, Apex Group recently sent out a letter stating: “Working together with City and County leaders, the company is hopeful that a suitable buyer will be identified and the park will be operational in 2020.” The letter also promised that more information will be coming soon and asked for patience from campsite holders, season pass holders and the community.

Indiana Beach opened in 1926 and leaves eight roller coasters sat there doing nothing! With the huge $3,000,000 carrot dangling, we hope it won’t be long until a new buyer is found.




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