Kings Dominion seals Crypt

Doswell, Virginia, USA

January 23, 2020 – The rumors are true and after only a few days of speculation, Kings Dominion confirmed that the park has sealed the Crypt for good. The Huss suspended top spin ride opened in 2005 as Tomb Raider: Firefall and lost its name when Cedar Fair purchased the Paramount Parks. In spite of the change it remained one of the best themed rides of its kind.

Taking into account that Volcano: The Blast Coaster has already been removed, it’s looking like half of Safari Village will be available for the next big coaster for the park. In the mean time the area will be quite empty with Avalanche, the Mack Rides bobsled coaster, as the sole occupant.


See what our members are saying about the removal of Volcano and this ride, as well as a possible new coaster, in our Forum discussion.

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