Gwazi conversion details announced

Tampa, Florida, USA

September 12, 2019 – Busch Gardens Tampa confirmed that their new for RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) hybrid conversion of the dueling Gwazi wooden roller coasters will be a single track ride named Iron Gwazi when it opens in 2020. The I-box track coaster will be North America’s tallest as well as the world’s fastest and steepest hybrid coaster. Those records include a 206 feet tall (63m) lift hill with a 91° beyond vertical first drop and a top speed of 76 mph (122 km/h).

Keeping the theme of its predecessor, complete with crocodile head front cars, Iron Gwazi will keep much of its current wooden support structure with all new purple steel track featuring three inversions and a dozen airtime hills spread along its 4,075 foot (1242m) layout. Two of the inversions, a descending barrel roll and a stall element, can be seen in the teaser video the park released (below), while the third is still unknown.


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