GCI installs steel track at Fun Spot

Orlando, Florida, USA

September 14, 2020 – GCI (Great Coasters International) has installed a section of their prototype steel track on the White Lightning roller coaster at Fun Spot America. It’s befitting that GCI would choose to install it here first, as the company introduced the new concept during an IAAPA private event held at the park last November (photo below).

What separates this design from Rocky Mountain Construction’s I-Box is that no welding is required and it connects seamlessly with existing wooden track. This makes it ideal for permanently repairing sections of wooden track that wear at a high rate. RMC stopped installing their topper track refurbishment of wooden coasters years ago and GCI has now become the leading provider of topper track, which this concept compliments nicely.



That doesn’t mean we’ll only see this track on existing woodies, as the company hopes to use it for launches and inversions on wooden coasters as well as entire track layouts. Without any welds, that’s going to take a lot of bolts and rivets. We counted over 500 just in the section pictured below.



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