Fun Spot announce New Woodie for 2017

Kissimmee, Florida, USA

December 8, 2016 – The Gravity Group and Fun Spot America announced today that a new wooden coaster will open at their park near Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida in 2017. At a cost of $6 million, the coaster will be 82 feet (25m) tall, 2,256 feet (688m) long, have a top speed of 48.5 mph (78 km/h) and feature a 360° barrel roll inversion, 115° banked turns and seven airtime hills.

John Arie Jr, Fun Spot America’s CEO stated: “This is huge news, not just for us but the city of Kissimmee, as this will be the only wooden roller coaster in the southeast United States that will feature a 360 degree barrel roll . This roller coaster will be completely unique and thrilling. We have worked tirelessly with the Gravity Group to design a ride that will be a must-ride coaster for any thrill seeker and coaster enthusiast, definitely bucket list worthy. We are still working through the themeing, naming rights and sponsorship opportunities, but with over two million visitors to our parks each year we do expect to move forward quickly on these opportunities.”

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Fun Spot America’s website.

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