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New PFP coming. A lot of members are changing their PFP's and I felt like I should do the same.
Alas, this is the last post I will make with my current Wanda pfp.
New PFP coming like right now.
Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster is such a great ride! I wish Six Flags decides to install more of these throughout the chain, and it appears Jersey Devil has already signaled that.
Hi all. I will be gone for a few days. We are going to a house in Oak Lawn in Illinois, near Chicago, and the internet there is dog ****. We might go to a hotel during the trip, there we have internet. Or we can use data, but my mum dosen't like when the data is ran out.
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I'm back, and we did, but i got to do 4 MEASLY FRECKIN RIDES because Justin didn't come with and he is the one to bring me on rides and my parents didn't want to and bailey wasn't tall enough for most of them. We were going to do Demon because she could ride that and Whizzer, but...
Just **** Logger's Run. **** it to hell. Line ate up the rest of the day and we couldn't do Demon or Whizzer anymore. Didn't even see Whizzer, nor made it to Goliath's entrance even.
And to top the turd ball on the s**t sundae, Saint Louis was closed so we couldn't hit it on the way home.
And we went to a fair earlier in the trip, wanted to do a Zipper ride that was there. MY GODDAMN SISTER WASTED THE REST OF THE GODDAMN TICKETS.
Holy shot after reriding ka after dragster finally today I’m gonna stop defending ka I can see your guys points