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“Work that dance floor, they may vote you mayor jazz. One day have a plaque that says: ‘She wore the tightest of pants’”

-Leslie Hall, “Tight Pants / Body Rolls”
That does it. At first, with the Gerstlauer Infinity thread, people may have believed you.

But now, with these 2 recent threads, you've given yourself up. Trolls don't prosper.

Time's up, sweetheart. Yo' ass is grass.
Plot twist: the Coney Island Cyclone is actually pretty damn good for a ride whose clones have all been either demolished or RMC'd
Why are there so many rollercoasters named "Comet" or "Thunderbolt" or "Wildcat" or "Big Dipper" but no rollercoasters named "Parmigiano Reggiano"
So True 😔✊
thats not a challenge, is it?