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YourDay at Alton Towers - Bust?


Yeah, this has been mentioned in the Alton Towers Rumours topic. I believe Alton Tower may make use of the technology that is installed around the park and do something themselves.


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Ah right.

Problem was the cost I think. The overheads with all the technology, wristbands going missing, staff empoyment etc must have been really high.

If a family are spending near on £150 visiting the park, it's unlikely they'd want to spend another £15 on a DVD...especially when everybody has a video camera on thier phone or a camcorder.

For example, the one that I got last season gratis, I've watched it just the once, whereas I've probably watch AT CF-Live videos on Youtube tens of times.

Shame because I like the concept, hopefully Alton Towers themselves will get it up and running and make it more cost effective.


i got it once and it was kinda cool but i think it didnt have enough bits of yourself in it