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Your worst spite


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Small scale by the level of what some of you have had but mine would be Millennium at Fantasy Island, overall although annoying from what I've heard Odyssey is the one of the two that is more often down so I felt lucky in a way that I had been able to get on that instead and it was the one I would of preferred to of had down if there had to be one down.

On a side note of being spited, although not quite the same and in the weeks building up to my trip I knew there was no way it was going to be open but I visited Phantasialand for the first (and currently only but I'm looking to change that come September) and Taron must of opened 4 or so weeks later. It Andwas a tad annoying still especially considering how high people praise it. Not to worry definitely not getting my hopes up for FLY to be open by then, whenever it does open, I will revisit to get it during their winter season as that's on my to do list still to!

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Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm. Was bout 3 trains from getting on it several years ago before it went down for the rest of the day. Went back two years later and it was closed that day as well. Maybe when I go back in another 2-3 years it will finally be open when I'm there.

Also, opening season of Top Thrill Dragster. I was at CP for two days in June 2003 and the ride never opened. I've gotten plenty of rides since, but I REALLY wanted to get on it that trip.

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It would turn out that my worst genuine spite was G-Force at Drayton Manor when I went there in August 2018, as the ride has now been confirmed as closed permanently. I am still gutted about this, as it was a unique-looking ride. Even if it might not have been earth-shatteringly amazing (although it could have been for all I know), it looked fun, and I would have liked the novelty of having ridden one of only two Maurer X-Car Vertical models with the inverted lift hill.

Ah well, I still got to ride all the other credits at the park!


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Dragon wagons and Wacky worms

:Dok ok ok I know I am not missing much but I have never been able to go on a dragon wagon and I've only been on one wacky worm even though I've been near many.

0/6 Dragon Wagons
1/11 Wacky Worms

It just leaves a bunch of parks incomplete or I travelled a little out of the way to get them and they were closed :(

Also showmen make money on the rides at funfairs so ive never seen any rides go down, unless it's one of these in which case its always broken for me.

Edit: miss counted had to add more
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Expedition Geforce. The worst part was you could see it from pretty much anywhere in the park, so torturous!
Yesterday I returned to Holiday Park three years on for my Expedition Geforce redemption. Well worth the extra wait, what a quality coaster.

It was walk on all day so I managed about 15 rides across most rows and it delivered every time. I knew to expect some great airtime but I'd never felt anything as strong and sustained as the hills on Geforce, your thighs are violently thrown into the lapbar and stay there for the entire parabola. It's not like B&M hyper floater where you get a little tickle at the start or end of each hill depending on where in the train you're sat. Even after 15 laps I was hitting the brakes exhausted, out of breath and grinning ear to ear. I need to wait for the new ride excitement to wear off before I decide where to rank it but I think this might be my favourite non RMC coaster, it's like nothing else.

Back on topic I went to Skegness last weekend and got spited by the spinning mouse at Bottons.
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Fortunately my worst spite is only Desert Race at Heide Park. Not too far away and it's going to be fixed next weekend.


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Been spited twice for Odyssey, really curious about the largest SLC but not keen to keep revisiting Skegness. Oh and Lightning Rod, of course.


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Not sure if it counts as a spite, but I booked a trip to KD to finally get round to riding Volcano which had been on my bucket list since the beginning of time. A couple of weeks after booking my flights and they announced its permanent closure! At least I got to see it in it’s semi dismantled state I suppose.

I also have a bad track record with RMC... Lightning Rod is the one I’d most like to ride but spiteing seems to be its default position so I’ve made peace with that. Dollywood is a nice park so I’ll happily return to try my luck another time. Joker at SFDC on the other hand is an irritating spite as I’ll now need to return to the ****hole that is SFDK because of it.


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I don't think that mine class as Spites but I went to Poland a week or so ago. Missed Lech Coaster at Legendia due to reduced operations at Energylandia. New Abyssus coaster at Energylandia not up and running due to delays caused by COVID.

That means a return trip next year.



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Eejanaika at Fuji Q. It snowed the night before and they did make a valiant effort in terms of sweeping snow off the other coasters throughout the day, this one didn't open.


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I've only really been badly spited 3 times, and all 3 happened while in Japan:

Ultra Twister @ Nagashima Spa Land - I did 2 days at Nagashima, and it was down for both. It was arguably one of the rides I was most looking forward to for the entire trip. In hindsight, I should have maybe tried one of the days on a weekend just in case it closes on weekdays in the winter, but oh well.

Diving Coaster Vanish @ Yokohama Cosmoworld - I was planning on visiting Cosmoworld during the evening after spending the morning/afternoon in Kamakura for regular tourist stuff. The weather was meant to be clear all day, but that didn't end up happening. The rain came in around mid afternoon, and by the time I got to Cosmoworld, Vanish had closed and didn't open for the rest of the evening despite the weather clearing up again.

Surf Coaster Leviathan @ Yokohama Sea Paradise - The ride was still closed after it's bump last August. This one isn't as bad as the other 2 since I already knew it would be closed so I didn't make the trip down to the park, but it still hurt that I travelled all the way out to japan and not getting one of the rides I was looking forward to.


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my worst was 100% wooden coaster at knights valley. Navigating there by public transport was a stressful nightmare, and getting the cred was half the reason I bothered going to shenzhen-- which IMO felt a bit like a forgettable destination other than happy valley. I finally get out there in the middle of nowhere after being confused for days about this confusing resort... thing... and see a big old 'closed' sign out front. Didn't even bother going in. I couldn't figure out what bus to take back to shenzhen so I literally got on a random one, and it happened to get me very close to the area where I was staying, by total accident.

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I've made three trips to Hersheypark in the past 8 years and Sooperdooperlooper has been closed all three times. The train is sitting in the exact same spot it always has without moving.

Done two trips to GAdv and Zumanjaro has been closed both times due to weather. First time was for high winds. Second time was for a severe thunderstorm.

Also finally rode my first SBF spinner this year after coming across two closed ones.


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To the point that I've been spited so I've never gotten a chance to ride the coaster, the only example I can think of is Heide-Park's Limit. One of two parks with an SLC I've been to (the other was Warner Bros Movie World Australia in 2004 — Didn't ride Arkham Asylum because I was still afraid of inverting coasters) and it hadn't completed its winter maintenance yet, so it was kind of a bummer just for the lost cred despite its horrid reputation.

I did take a pretty snazzy picture of it, though.


I'm kinda excited to hopefully get on Vampire and Condor at the Walibi parks next year just for the experience of finally doing an SLC (and I've heard both are BAD so it'll be something — though hopefully Holland goes through with giving Condor new trains in case Vampire turns out to be particularly awful).


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What did I say last time?

Wood Coaster has spited me twice though, falling under the same category of 'only thing you go to the park for'. Aiming to make it a third this year.
Oh yeah, still that, but at least I've ridden it now.

Will anything ever top it for me at this point? It would need to be a singular star attraction of equal magniture in a park of otherwise nothingness being closed three times in a row. I think (hope) I've peaked.


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I've been really lucky and not had many proper spites in the traditional sense (visit a park, and a ride that's meant to be open isn't). Biggest one is probably Nick Streak from trip to Blackpool.

A bigger spite (but not really a spite) was Dynamite at Plohn. Booked a trip before the opening date was announced (thinking middle of May would be safe for a 'Spring' opening), but it opened a couple of days after my trip. So yeah, not a spite really, but definitely the worst ride-not-open-when-I-was-there experience I've had.