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Your top 10, but wacky

Rob Coasters

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(Is this the right subforum?)

Rank your top 10 coasters not from best to least best, but rather by some unorthodox & unique topics.

Examples, you could either use these or make up your own:
-Your top 10, but ranked by their colour schemes
-Your top 10, but ranked by the quality of the park they're in
-Your top 10, but only one coaster per manufacturer
-Your top 10, but only coasters you've ridden less than five times

I'll start:
My top 10, but ranked by the longest I've queued for them

1. Megafobia (2 hours)
2. Saw - The Ride (90 minutes)
3. Stealth (70 minutes)
4. Cannonball Express (40 minutes)
5. Speed (30 minutes)
6. OzIris (15 minutes)
7. Olympia Looping (10 minutes)
8 - 10. Sik, Smiler, Icon (5 minutes

What ideas can you come up with for yours?

Furyous Baco 325

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My top 10 8, but it’s only coasters that begin with S

1. Steel Vengeance
2. Skyrush
3. Storm Runner
4. Steel Curtain
5. Superman Ride of Steel
6. Sky Rocket (Kenny)
7. Steel Force
8. sooperdooperlooper


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My necromancer top ten, all worth the effort, all ridden "while still warm"...
1. Wild Mouse, Blackpool.
2. Knightmare, Camelot.
3. Texas Tornado, Morecambe.
4. Scenic Railway, Belle Vue, Manchester.
5. Cyclone, Southport.
6. Corkscrew, Alton.
7. The Reel, Blackpool.
8. Tower of Terror, Camelot.
9. Wild Mouse, Morecambe.
10. Black Hole, Alton Towers.


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My Top 10 coasters that feature non-mythical animals in their name...

1. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Black Mamba, Phantasialand
3. Vogel Rok, Efteling
4. Cobra, Paultons Park
5. Krake, Heide Park
6. Great Bear, Hersheypark
7. Weerwolf, Walibi Belgium (is this cheating? maybe?)
8. Wildcat, Hersheypark
9. El Toro, Freizeitpark Plohn
10. Cobra des Amun Ra, Belantis

EDIT: Ohhhhhhh, I've realised I've completely misinterpreted the purpose of this thread. It's meant to be "Take your Top 10, and re-rank it based on different criteria". Not "Take some other criteria and create a Top 10 from it". Whoops. I'll keep my above one, as I think the idea is also a cool one for a thread, but here's something more on-topic...

My Top 10, but ranked by how much I like the name.
1. Der Schwur des Kärnan
2. Untamed
3. Skyrush
4. Taron
5. Taiga
6. Lost Gravity
7. Oz'Iris
8. Helix
9. Pheonix
10. Balder
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With a title like that, there's really only one sort of top 10 I can think of;

1, Bruco Mela, New Jesolandia (trim was turned off)
2. The Swinging Coaster, Kermis Gouda (had spinning cars)
3. Dragen, Tivoli Friheden (the better Super Dragon layout with a full train)
4. Grisu, Lunapark Muller Ljubljana (the better Super Dragon layout with an empty train)
5. Tren de Potosi, Isla Magica (descending helix in place of the trimmed drop)
6. Brucomela, Santa Claus Village (nice harborside location)
7. Fantasy Apple, Kermis Weert (had a big bee)
8. Super Brucomela, Strabilia Luna Park (had Smurfs and Mickey Mouse)
9. Brucomela, Lunapark Muller Portorož (my first)
10. Bruco Mela, Parco Eurolandia (nice ride into the sunset)


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My top 10, but it's only Vekoma.

1. FLY
2. Colorado Adventure
3. Calamity Mine
4. Xpress: Platform 13
5. Python
6. Vogel Rok
7. Vampire
8. Condor
9. Robin Hood
10. Speed of Sound


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Coasters ranked by how much l like the soundtrack

1: The Swarm, is this the end of the world, put it in the charts please
2: Nemesis, it's basically classical music
3: top thrill dragster, how can you not love it
4: Oblivion, goes well with some oblivion branded deodorant
5: the smiler, the reason it's at 5 is because i want to give it 1 because i like it and 10 because it gets so annoying, so this is the compromise, i hope you are all ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha happy
6: Galactica: if you kept the air soundtrack it would be 1 but it's not, it's alright i like it enough
7: Icon, it's alright, i like it
8: alton towers retro squad, so inbetween the classic rock songs they play this music that sounds like its generic music from RCT3
9: Nemesis inferno, dull and doesn't say anything about the ride, next
10: the smiler, JUST SHUT UP NOW

Matt N

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My top 10 ranked by throughput/operations!
  1. Silver Star - Europa Park: This one can’t not win the throughput debate! I’ve never seen a ride munch queues quite like it; 1,700pph throughput and insanely fast ops mean that a queue stretching outside the building only takes 20 minutes even with the upstairs extension open! Truly thrilling stuff if you’re mildly obsessed with throughput like I am…
  2. Blue Fire - Europa Park: Coming in a close second, this is also a right queue muncher! I don’t think I ever waited more than 15-20 minutes for Blue Fire in my entire time at Europa Park, and that queue moved very quickly! And that was without the 4th train and separate offload in operation…
  3. Wodan Timbur Coaster - Europa Park: Like the other two Europa rides, this is also operated very well, but it comes 3rd because the queue often seems bizarrely long compared to the other two (I don’t think I waited much less than 30 minutes for it on any of my 6 rides), and the throughput is a bit lower by virtue of it being a woodie rather than a steel coaster. Still insane, though!
  4. Wicker Man - Alton Towers: This does extremely well, in my opinion! The staff are literally running down the station platform checking lap bars, and they’re often left holding down the button waiting for the go ahead to send the train; great job! If I’m being pedantic, it loses a couple of points for the lack of organisation in the pre-show, but other than that, I’d say Wicker Man’s ops are close to Europa standard!
  5. Icon - Blackpool Pleasure Beach: From memory, the ops on this were also very good, with prompt staff, a solid throughput, and a queue that moved quickly. Although I’ve been informed that the throughput has notably decreased in recent years, so this could be a touch out of date now… I last went to BPB in 2019.
  6. Mako - SeaWorld Orlando: I don’t have any strong memories of the ops on Mako, as my last ride was in 2016, but what I do remember was good! The ride is a B&M Hyper, so will naturally have a strong base throughput, and I never waited very long for it!
  7. Oblivion - Alton Towers: Oblivion does a solid enough job, but it definitely doesn’t hit the operational heights it could hit. You’re nearly always stacking for long periods (ironically, a fair amount longer than the actual thrilling body of the ride…), and the ride attains little more than 50% of theoretical; it can supposedly do 1,900pph, but I’d say that anything much over 900pph is a very good day for Oblivion, personally. For present day Alton Towers and the ride’s present level of demand, though, it does a solid enough job; I’m probably being too picky.
  8. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa: I don’t really have any strong memory of BGT’s ops, but I seem to remember this being on fairly minimal capacity. In fairness, though, it didn’t really need much capacity with how quiet the park was on the day I went.
  9. SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa: As above.
  10. Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee: This is last simply by virtue of how low demand for it seemed to be on the day I visited. Minutes and minutes elapsed between trains simply by virtue of how little demand there was… the ride only having 1 train didn't seem to do too much harm on the day I was there.


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My top 10 7, but it’s only coasters with red elements in them:
  1. Dragon Khan - Port Aventura (track)
  2. Stampida - Port Aventura (trains)
  3. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Disneyland Paris (lighting effects)
  4. Kvasten - Gröna Lund (track)
  5. Muntanya Russa - Tibidabo (track)
  6. Kung-fu Panda Master - Gardaland (track)
  7. Ortobruco Tour - Gardaland (worm's nose)


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My top ten coasters with inversions

1: Steel Vengeance
2: Maverick
3: Iron Gwazi
4: Goliath (Sfgam)
5: Maxx Force
6: Hulk
7: Velocicoaster
8: Manta
9: Cheetah Hunt
10: Valravn


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My Top 10 based on the first drop:

1. Shambhala
2. El Toro
3. EGF
4. Nitro
5. Balder
6. Kondaa
7. Untamed
8. Oblivion
9. Goliath
10. Valkyria


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My top 10, ranked by how high I have them compared to their VoteCoasters rank!

T-1: Phantom’s Revenge, +22 (My #8, VoteCoasters #30)
T-1: Pantheon, +22 (My #9, VoteCoasters #31)
T-3: Intimidator 305, +12 (My #3, VoteCoasters #15)
T-3: Skyrush, +12 (My #5, VoteCoasters #17)
5: Voyage, +8 (My #1, VoteCoasters #9)
6: Iron Gwazi, -1 (My #2, VoteCoasters #1)
T-7: Steel Vengeance, -2 (My #4, VoteCoasters #2)
T-7: Fury 325, -2 (My #7, VoteCoasters #5)
T-9: Velocicoaster, -3 (My #6, VoteCoasters #3)
T-9: El Toro, -3 (My #10, VoteCoasters #7)