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Your most unpopular Christmas opinions

Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. With Christmas nearly being upon us (it's only 3 days away now), people are beginning to get into the festive spirit. The season entails many traditions. These will be different for each person, and sometimes people have quite strong opinions about their traditions and their way of celebrating Christmas. With all of that in mind, I'd be keen to know; do you have any unpopular Christmas opinions? Do you hold any opinions about any aspect of the festive season that make your friends and family baulk in horror whenever you express them?

I'll get the ball rolling with some of mine:
  • I don't like Christmas pudding or Christmas cake; of the traditional festive desserts, I much prefer a chocolate log. I'm not a fan of the rich, fruity desserts myself. Although bizarrely, I quite like mince pies...
  • Controversially, I also feel that a traditional Christmas dinner is somewhat excessive in terms of the amount of food. This could just be the fact that I'm not a huge eater, but I could most certainly do without a starter (although I'm generally not huge on starters in general) and I'd probably be OK with the main course having a few less sides, as well.
  • Call me childish, but I absolutely love a chocolate advent calendar! Most adults seem to think that chocolate advent calendars are for kids, but I love waking up every morning leading to Christmas and having a new piece of chocolate to eat!
But do you have any unpopular Christmas opinions? I'd be keen to know!

Jarret Stroud

Roller Poster
My unpopular opinion is that A Christmas Carol adaptation has been done too many times! Ive seen many adaptation of the classic “A Christmas Carol” in different movies and tv show episodes and it gets a little tiring. For Example with Winnie the Pooh they made the Christmas Carol adaptation using Easter instead of Christmas. My point is all the movies and tv show episodes that use the “A Christmas Carol” format are the same or very similar. I hope this make sense.


Giga Poster
Christmas is rather anti-climactic.

For me personally anyway, though I loved it as a kid.

But as an adult, it's just unnecessary stress, money and meh. If it's all about family, I'd take a family garden BBQ over Christmas day.

Warm weather, light nights, and much more positive and upbeat in my opinion.

Oh yeah... Merry Christmas 😉


Mega Poster
I dislike almost everything about Christmas and try to spend it on vacation if I can, so I don't have a shortage of unpopular Christmas-related views.

Having said that, my most unpopular opinion, judging by the reactions I get to it, is probably that Christmas dinner is the single worst meal of the entire year.


Strata Poster
I love christmas cake and christmas pudding (then again, my mum makes a fab version of both!)!

think Stollen and Pannetoni are dry and bland though,