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Your Favorite Flat Ride?


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I wanted to post about this, but I surprisingly couldn't find any thread for this that wasn't long dead.

Anyway, my favorite flat ride is absolutely Looper at Knoebels. If you ride it with someone who weighs about the same as you, it's boring. But if there is a large weight difference between you and the other person in your car, you will be rapidly tumbling the whole time, and it's just janky fun for the whole cycle. Not to mention that it's a recreation of an antique Herschell ride faithful to the blueprint!

Speaking of janky fun, Demon Drop at Dorney Park is really great, and while it might not be the best ride, it is something to be experienced before all of the Intamin fist-gen towers disappear.

Another ride that I think deserves a shout is Stratosfear, also at Knoebels. These Larson towers are just insane, and I still remember thinking "shouldn't the brakes have kicked in by now?"

While not particularly a standout ride, I had a really great cycle on Delirium at Kings Dominion a couple years ago in heavy rain. What made it special was that on the down swing, all the big raindrops seemed to stop in midair as you were going down the same speed as them. Really a surreal experience.

What are your favorite flat rides? I'd be really interested to know, seeing as I haven't gotten to many of the great ones.


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i need to ride more flat rides

one of the only flat rides I've ridden in a proper amusement park is superman power of tower at sfstl (rip), other than that there's always the rides at my local carnival that happens for one week every year.

i don't remember the model name, but I also rode alabama wham'a at the park at owa. I liked it, but not as much as superman sfstl

Edit: giant barn swing at silver dollar city is also a good option as well for me
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Harley Quinn Spinsanity at Six Flags Over Texas. It combines the best aspects of a Screamin' Swing, Scrambler & (presumably, since I haven't ridden one yet) Top Spin into one bizarre, mind-boggling ride experience. Riding it during a drizzle of rain made this even more disorienting - Harley Quinn may not be excruciatingly intense, but it was so much fun.


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Screamin Swings, with HUSS giant frisbees in a close second. As a kid it was pirate ships and troikas. Same basic ideas reallly, but on a larger scale and with more intensity.


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Slammer, RIP. 😥

Any KMG Afterburner, big or small. Still the best gyro-swings on the market.

Any S&S Screaming Swing. Love 'em (especially if they are perched on top of a mountain!).

And, of course, the Haunted Mine Drop at Glenwood Caverns. Despite the recent tragedy, this remains a brilliantly terrifying experience. Hope it gets to reopen soon.

And yeah, I do also love a rip on the dodgems! 😁

Scott Lannigan

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Hurakan Condor - no other ride has made me genuinely gasp for breath. I've been on a lot of great drop tower rides such as Falcon's Fury and Apocalypse but for some reason, Condor just feels like it gets faster and faster and isn't going to stop and it really took me by surprise with how intense it was.


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Apocalypse at Drayton Manor (please please don't sell!), or the KMG XXL at winter wonderland when excluding drop towers. Both are just such a rush.


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I didn't know! Really need to spend some quality time at Europa.

Screaming Swings do it for me, but I don't go on them nearly as often as I could.

Only been on one giant frisbee, Spin Spider and absolutely loved it.

Flats fall so far behind coasters and dark rides they often get overlooked but glad to say I'm having a bit of a renaissance recently.


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You can't go wrong with drop towers. Though some are quite inferior to others, I would like to mention a few note-worthy ones. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (SFGADV), Drop Tower (KD), and AtmosFEAR (Morey's Piers); three absolutely insane drop towers. Power Tower at Cedar Point is a runner up since I had quite a memorable experience on it: I had the last ride of the night on my last day there after getting a night ride on my favorite CP coaster, TTD, and I got to watch the fireworks; I was on the green side.

Also enjoy Wonder Woman at SFGADV, and I know SFNE has a giant discovery too and I'm heading there in a couple of weeks. (There's one at SFA too but it was still under construction when I visited the park.)

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Lightning Skid, Carter's Steam Fair. I did this in 2019 and remember enjoying it enough for it to be my new #1 flat ride of all time. This year I managed to return to try it out again, and it is still by far the best flat ride I've ever done.

Little context on what the ride does, you spin around the edge of a circle while facing the center. You push a pedal to swing yourself to the left, then release it to swing to the right, then repeat repeat repeat.

On my second go of the night I learned a little trick you can do with the pedal that can end up with an even more intense and fun ride experience, something I didn't even know was possible. It was one of the most vicious and relentless rides I have ever done, just pure unfiltered insanity. I folded myself twice and the cycle ended with us both in maniacal laughter.

My only gripe with the ride is that it doesn't accept single riders and you should be aware of this before you visit Carter's.

I don't think I'm getting a new #1 flat for a very, very long time.


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Love a good drop tower - I don't care what anyone says, I get more of a rush from a proper drop tower than from the vast majority of coasters. I'll always have a soft spot for Thorpe's Detonator, but Scream at Heide is probably the best I've met, with honourable mention to those at Liseberg and Holiday Park.

Screaming Swings are great as well, I just wish they went on longer, I do enjoy an intamin gyroswing and it's a shame that when I hit up Tusenfryd, I was a little too hungover to try Spin Spider, as I suspect I'd love that.

Not enough for it to be a favourite, but for some reason, I have a lot of love for Funk 'n' Fly which is at Alton at the moment. I think it's the positive Gs without the excessive nausea that often accompanies a spinning ride.